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15 Minute Metabolic Conditioning Workout For Fat Loss

The Belly Fat Blaster Obstacle Course Workout

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing an athletic style 15 minute metabolic conditioning workout for fat loss.

That’s right, I’m taking you into my playground, as we turn the gym into a fun obstacle course.

If you are like most people who are tired of going to the gym to do low intensity steady state cardio on a treadmill, you are in luck.

This quick and fun athletic style metabolic conditioning workout will get you shredded.

Although I love lifting heavy things, I’ll always be an athlete that loves quick bursts of speed.

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This obstacle course workout features 7 metabolic conditioning exercises that will boost your metabolism and blast your stubborn belly fat.

Are you ready for this?

Let’s get started.

15 Minute Metabolic Conditioning Workout For Fat Loss

Here’s the breakdown of today’s 15 minute metabolic conditioning workout for fat loss.

In circuit format, complete the 7 different metabolic conditioning exercises in the obstacle course, as fast as possible, for time.

Since this is a timed challenge, make sure you set up all the equipment for the obstacle course before starting.

Total time:

Approximately 15 minutes.

This is a timed challenge, so make sure you record your time during every round.

The goal is to try and beat your previous time during your next round.


Since each round is a timed challenge, there are no breaks between exercises within the circuit.

After completing the first round of the obstacle course, rest 2 minutes between each round, then go through it again.


Complete 3-4 rounds.

The goal is to beat your time from the previous round time.

Metabolic Conditioning Exercises:

Click the links below for a step-by-step exercise demonstration.

A1. Suicide Burpee Push Up

The first obstacle course exercise are burpee push up suicides.

Reps: 1

  • 1 rep = 1 suicides cycle using 4 cones and completing 3 burpee push ups.

Rest: 0 seconds

Sets: 3-4

Coaching cues:

  • Place 4 cones in a straight line, 15 feet apart.
  • Sprint to the first cone, complete a burpee push up, then run back to the start and touch the floor.
  • Immediately sprint to the next cone and complete another burpee push up, then sprint back to the start.
  • Repeat for all the cones.
  • After you finish, without resting, immediately move into the next metabolic exercise.

A2. Standing Battle Rope Sled Pull

The next exercise is the standing battle rope sled pull.

Reps: 1 rep

  • 1 rep = 1 standing battle rope sled pull for approximately 25 feet.

Rest: 0 seconds

Sets: 3-4

Coaching cues:

  • Place the weight plates on the sled, then connect the battle rope to the sled with a knot.
  • Before starting, pull the battle rope so it is fully stretched and taut.
  • While standing with a hip width stance, grab the rope, bend your knees, contract your core, and begin pulling the rope to bring the sled towards you, one arm at a time.
  • Continue pulling the rope until the sled reaches your feet.
  • That’s one rep.

A3. Sled Push

The next exercise is the sled push.

Reps: 1 rep

  • 1 rep = 1 sled push for approximately 25 feet.

Rest: 0 seconds

Sets: 3-4

Coaching cues:

  • With the prowler sled in front of you, get into a low position with your feet staggered, while gripping the handles with your arms straight or bent and close to your torso.
  • The goal is to stay low while driving your legs.
  • Be sure to keep your core tight to maintain a neutral spine.
  • Drive with your front foot while pushing off with your back foot.
  • Remember to rapidly drive your knees high, similar to a high knee sprint.
  • The first few steps of the sled push will be hardest, but once you get moving, you’ll pick up the speed.

A4. Slider Straight Arm Plank Walk

The next exercise is the slider straight arm plank walk.

Reps: 1 rep

  • 1 rep = completing the slider straight arm plank walk for 25 feet.

Rest: 0 seconds

Sets: 3-4

Coaching cues:

  • With your toes on top of a pair of sliders, get into a straight arm plank position with your hands planted into the floor, directly below your shoulders, and your body forming a straight line from heels to head.
  • Place one hand in front of the other as you walk your body straight ahead, with your feet gliding on the sliders.  
  • To maintain a straight line with your body, contract your abs, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, chest, and every other muscle in your body.

A5. Medicine Ball Step Over Box Run

The next exercise is the medicine ball step over box run.

Reps: 1 rep

  • 1 rep = going over 3 boxes, then coming back over 3 boxes.

Rest: 0 seconds

Sets: 3-4

Coaching cues:

  • Place 3 sturdy boxes or steps approximately 3 feet a part. They should be 1-3 feet high so you can safely step up on top of them.
  • While facing the first box, pick up a medicine ball and place it on one side of your shoulders.
  • Step up on top of the box with one foot, then step over the box and quickly continue moving forward until you step over all the 3 boxes. 
  • Once you get to the end, switch the medicine ball to the other side of your shoulders, then step over the 3 boxes to get back to the start.

A6. Lateral Hurdle Run

The next exercise is the lateral hurdle run.

Reps: 3 reps

  • 1 rep = 4 hurdles

Rest: 0 seconds

Sets: 3-4

Coaching cues:

  • Place 4 hurdles approximately 1-2 feet a part.
  • Begin by quickly driving your knees up, as you laterally move sideways over the hurdle.
  • Pump your arms forward and backwards as if you’re sprinting, while keeping your core contracted to drive your knees up high.
  • As you reach the end, immediately reverse your way back towards the starting position.

A7. Lateral Jump Over Burpee Push Up

The next exercise is the lateral jump over burpee push up.

Reps: 4 reps

  • 1 rep = 1 burpee push up

Rest: 0 seconds

Sets: 3-4

Coaching cues:

  • Place a low to the ground object on the floor.
  • Stand parallel to the object, with your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Bend over to place your hands on the floor, kick your feet back, then complete a push up by lowering your body towards the floor.
  • Once you reach the bottom of the push up, explosively press the floor away from you with your hands, then raise your hips by jumping both feet back in.
  • Immediately jump laterally up and over the object, then land softly on the other side and immediately complete another jump burpee push up.

That’s One Round

My first round took me 1:19 and my heart rate elevated to 150 beats per minute.

Once again the goal is to beat that time during your next round.

Always be improving.

Hopefully you enjoyed that 15 minute metabolic conditioning workout.

I love this athletic style of training and I want to see you doing it as well.

Not only are you getting a great cardio workout, you’re also working your muscles, especially during the sled pull and sled push.

You can not get a cardio and metabolic workout like that on a treadmill.

High Intensity Interval Training vs Metabolic Training vs LISS Cardio

Thanks to Real Fitness in Playa Del Rey, California for inviting us into their awesome fitness studio to film this metabolic conditioning workout.

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