5 Bodyweight Moves To Reveal Your Abs #LLTV


5 Variations Of The Best Bodyweight Exercise with To Reveal Your Abs

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing 5 variations of the best bodyweight exercise to reveal your abs. And if you think it’s crunches, guess again my friend!

This Australian Garcinia Cambogia is the best right before the exercise is a metabolic burner, meaning it’ll burn calories faster and torch that stubborn belly fat so you can reveal those sexy abs underneath.  But by adding this move to your daily routines, not only will you reveal your abs faster, it’ll also help you increase your coordination, agility, speed, power…and you’ll look really badass doing it!

Welcome to the burpee!

5 Burpee Progressions To Reveal Your Abs

Watch the burpee tutorial video above to see 5 progressions of the burpee. Start with the beginner progression if this movement is new to you, then week by week, progress your way up to the more advanced burpee progressions.

7 Minute Burpee Workout

Select any of the burpee progressions from my video and add in the following 7 Minute Burpee Workout to your daily routine to reveal your abs FASTER!

Exercise: Any burpee variation (depending on your current fitness level)

Rounds: 3

Reps: 10

Rest: 2 mins between each round.

Also try one of my most viewed “Return of the Burpee” 4 min tabata workout.

And don’t be afraid of those rock hard ripples beginning to protrude from your stomach. Embrace the abs!

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Questions For You:

– Do you already incorporate burpees into your workouts?
– Which variation/progression of the burpee do you currently use?


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0 responses to “5 Bodyweight Moves To Reveal Your Abs #LLTV

  1. hey Brad, how often do you do bodyweight, hiit exercises vs weighted
    exercises? or do you combine them in one session?
    great channel btw 😉

  2. Wow this was sooo helpful I am just getting started so knowing how to do
    the beginner moves is great. I was just not doing them. Love it.

  3. I actually love to do burpees! I’d say I work on normal burpees most of the
    time (progression #3) however I’m still working on doing the push up at the
    bottom. I don’t feel my upper body & core strength is quite there yet. I
    also seem to have trouble with tightness in my lower back & hips which
    makes it hard to get my hands flat on the ground and then to jump my feet
    back. I always used to elevate my hands on a step or a bosu to help, or
    maybe I should just try to work on going to the floor??

  4. If you hate doing this bodyweight exercise…ask yourself this…”What do I
    hate more, this exercise or my stubborn body fat?” … do it!

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