Return of the Burpee Tabata Routine Video

Return of the Burpee Tabata Routine

Return of the Burpee Tabata Routine Video

*** Click here for your printable Return of the Burpee Tabata Routine Program ***

Welcome to my Return of the Burpee Tabata Routine. To date, this is my most challenging Tabata program that I’ve shown you.

Why am I bringing out the big guns now? Because summer is just around the corner, and if you’ve been following along with all my other workout videos, it’s time to step it up.

Try putting your body through this burpee tabata routine first thing in the morning and/or as a workout finisher after your regular strength training program. It will help you speed up your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day!

Here’s how the Return of the Burpee Tabata Routine is structured:

All you need is your bodyweight and your interval timer <’” click this link to get a fun color like mine.

Return of the Burpee Tabata RoutineTotal time: 4 mins

Work time: 20 sec (as many reps as possible with good form)

Rest time: 10 sec


1. Beginner Burpee (no push up, no standing up) x 20 sec (10 sec break)

2. Intermediate Burpee (no push up, stand up) x 20 sec (10 sec break)

3. Standard Burpee (push up, jump) x 20 sec (10 sec break)

4. Atomic Burpee (push up, high knees jump) x 20 sec (10 sec break)

2 rounds for a total of 8 sets.

Remember: ONLY REST FOR 10 SECONDS between sets!

Here’s A Video Of Me Doing This Burpee Tabata Workout:

I hope you enjoyed this sample Burpee Tabata Workout Routine

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  2. Hey, these workouts are really effective. I was wondering if it would be
    convenient to integrate them on a 1.5 hour p.e. session for kids under 15,
    or would that be too much for that age? Also, for my own trainings, would
    it be enough to do this every day + 1hr stretching? or should I give the
    muscles some rest to not get injuries in the long run? thanks!

  3. Love this , am looking for more short and effective sessions more often,
    rather than long stretched out , thanks Brad

  4. Grt workout. are we just supposed to do tabata once a day I.e just 4 mins
    of exercise in total or combine with the other gym exercises .so for how
    many mins in total are we supposed to work out daily

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  8. Hi Brad, I enjoyed watching your videos they are helpful.I have a
    question,since my knee is damaged and I cant run for aerobic and fat
    burning,are these tabata trainings enough for blasting my fat? Big Fan

  9. Hi Brad, I am your big fan and I constantly follow your tabata workout
    since you are a very good trainer. I have several questions. I want to get
    rid of stomach fat, does this workout effective? How many times do I have
    to do this per week? Thanks! 🙂

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  12. thanks for the support Hongyu…after a weight training workout I recommend
    1 x 4 min tabata workout. I’m not sure what the prices are in Singapore so
    you’d have to look into that

  13. Hey Im a big fan of you. Just subscribed yesterday but already watching
    almost 50 over of your videos! Ill help you share your channel with my
    friends! May I ask whats the standard number of sets of tabata workout you
    do after a workout/swim/run or on a day without any workout. And whats the
    rest interval between each 4 mins? Also I live in Singapore so do you think
    it will be cheaper for me to get the foam roller and timer locally or get
    it from the links you provided?

  14. brad hi ijust found your web site and i enjoyed your tabata workouts and i was wondering if you can tell me if how many times a week i can do the burpee tabata a week ieagerly await your reply
    yours faithfully
    anthony doyle
    from australia

    1. Hi Anthony, you can do any of my tabata workouts at least once a day. I tell people to try them first thing in the morning and then again after their standard strength training workout, if they go to the gym.

  15. I provided a link in the video description above the comments and below the
    video … look for : ✔ GET THE TABATA INTERVAL TIME THAT I USE:

  16. I loathe burpees! But I like how it’s a smooth transition to the harder
    burpee. It makes them feel a bit easier! Great video!

  17. thanks for the compliment…subscribe and keep your eye on this channel as
    I provide helpful videos 5 days a week or get all my secrets/tips from my
    book, Awaken The Abs Within

  18. hey this is a great video… you have an amazing body… i want to lose 25
    pounds or more this summer… i need your help

  19. Yay for burpees..they are slowly moving from my most hated exercise to my
    most LOVED exercise!! Thanks!

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