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4 Minute Step Tabata Workout For Fat Loss

Plyo Tabata Workout Intervals To Lose Weight Fast

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a 4 minute step tabata workout for fat loss, using plyo exercises.

It’s been a while since I filmed a new Tabata Workout for you on our Live Lean TV YouTube channel, but it’s now time to make a return.

But rather than coming back with a wimpy routine, which then of course couldn’t be classified as a “tabata workout“, I decided to really crank up the intensity with this step tabata workout routine.

If you’re looking to grow your legs, this plyo tabata workout will force you to buy new shorts.

Get ready because this one is going to be tough.

All I ask is for 4 freaking minutes of your time, so I can kick your body into fat burning mode.

You in?

Of course you are.

All you need for this 4 minute step tabata workout for fat loss is:

  • Your body
  • Plyo box or step and risers
    • If you have access to a plyo box, use that instead, as it’s safer than the step and risers that I used.
  • Interval timer
tabata timer

That is it.

4 Minute Step Tabata Workout For Fat Loss

You know the routine.

Here’s how this 4 minute step tabata workout is structured:

Total time:

4 minutes.

Type of workout:

Tabata workout:

  • 4 exercises
  • 20 seconds of work
  • 10 seconds rest
  • Repeat the 4 exercise circuit twice, for a total of 8 intervals.

After the 20 second work interval, take a 10 second rest, then complete another 20 second work interval, etc.

Let’s get to work.

Number of circuits:

Repeat this circuit 2 times.


Click the links below for a step-by-step exercise demonstration of each exercise.

A1. Box Jumps

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds

Coaching cues: first exercise is one of my favorites, box jumps. Let’s work on those jumps and get moving. After completing 20 seconds of work, take a 10 second break. During this rest, shake out your legs and get ready to move on to the next exercise.

A2. Side To Side Step Shuffle

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds

Coaching cues: Let’s keep it moving. The side to side step shuffle, also known as the side to side step up, is a wicked move. When people see you in the gym doing this, they’re going to say to themselves, “that cat is Living Lean”. Enjoy the 20 seconds of feeling the burn in your legs.

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A3. Alternating Step Up Hop

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds

Coaching cues: Alright, let’s keep this going. Next exercise is the alternating step up hop, also known as dynamic step ups. Keep it pumping for 20 seconds.

A4. Push Up Burpee Box Jumps

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds

Coaching cues: If you thought that was tough, you’ll finish it off with push up burpee box jumps. Yes, I’m making you do it, so just do it! People who do burpees are just better at everything, and I really do mean everything. Giggidy.

Nice work, you just completed the first circuit

Wow, awesome job.

That was one round, so you still have one more to go.

Take a 10 second rest, then keep it going by completing one more round of the A1-A4 step tabata workout exercises.

Let’s keep it moving, let’s keep it intense, and let’s get lean.

That’s it, 4 minutes and you’re done

That was an awesome 4 minute step tabata workout for fat loss.

If your legs are burning, you are awesome.

Do this step tabata workout first thing in the morning to help wake up your body and speed up your metabolism for the day.

Or use this tabata routine as your workout finisher.

26 Post Workout Moves That Abolish Belly Fat

I dare you to try this as your leg day workout finisher.

Live Lean Afterburn contains more tabata workout like this

Quick shout out to my Live Lean Afterburn program which is getting so many of you lean.

Live Lean Afterburn 2.0

We end most Afterburn workouts with fat burning tabata workouts just like this one.

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Want more follow along tabata workout videos?

Check out my full playlist of tabata workouts here, for over 30 more of my follow along Tabata workouts.

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  8. I’ve noticed some people, especially some guys, at my gym that have very nicely sculpted upper bodies, but they have chicken legs. I got some people from my fitness group to like your page on FB. I was waiting for a box jump Tabata and you got one, thanks. I’ve wanted to get a pylon box for a while but once I saw this Tabata workout I went out and bought one.

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  10. brad i am sunil from india your videos inspire every one to live lean .you
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  12. Brad I love all your workouts. I been watching the tabata workouts and want
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  13. Brad I love all your workouts. I been watching the tabata workouts and want
    to know how often do you recommend tabata workouts per week?

  14. Great video and excellent work out! It looks so much more fun than running
    on a thredmill for an hour.
    Just wondering if one can really reduce fat with only this type of work
    My body fat is about 22%. Say I want to reduce it to 12-15% in 6 months,
    how much Tabata work outs should I do everyday? Thanks!

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  16. all you need is a bench or steps or something elevated. you don’t need a specific piece of equipment.

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  19. Hey Brad.. just ran across your channel, researching macro calculations.. but absolutely love “tabata workouts”!!! So glad I found you!!! I could watch you all day!!

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  24. Hey Brad, so we would need to switch this up everyday? This 4 minute TABATA? I lost lots of inches and lost 5 kilos but the fat just stopped burning. So I would like to try out your TABATA workouts without gym as I cannot afford it at the moment

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  26. Brad, is it ever ever too late to reclaim ones’ hormones and metabolism? I am 32 , not exercising (joint condition) and bowel condition (constipation) and binging nightly…I eat enough BMR to cover the day easily…tonight was the absolute worse binge of my life…so ashamed and please don’t judge but at 10:30 pm I ate 2 cups of grapes, 20 grams of dark chocolate, 4 rice cakes, 400 grams of yogurt, and the ENTIRE 250 gram jar of macadamia nut butter…(and then 2 bananas after a full day of eats already)…I feel so ashamed…the worse is that I won’t exercise it off, I never purge, and I’m constipated…waking up tomorrow to deal with that aftermath is going to be horrendous..I just lost it…and I do every night…. 🙁

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  31. I’m a huge fan of Tabata training and most of them are your exercises or my modified versions. I’ve wanted to get a plyo box for a while but once I saw this tabata workout I went out and bought one. I’m excited to try it. Gonna start tomorrow!

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  33. hi brad i’m doing tabata workouts i’m losing 2 inches around belly but loosing only 1.5 kg weight, i’m also doing heavy weight training
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  34. Hey Brad, your tabata routines are my go-to workouts while traveling. They not only keep me stoked and lean, but sane from all the travel stress. And to get me moving I listen to Ibiza Latin/Rihanna/Neo/Pitbull/Usher. As for who else I follow (I know, why would I need to follow anyone else after awakening my abs with you?) includes someone you referenced, Transformation Man – Drew Canole, plus MichaelKoryFitness, Ryan Masters of TheWorkoutCorner and someone I think you would like, Aaron Marino of AlphaMConsulting.

  35. Hi, I’m Flora and I live in Raeford, NC…I have been into health & fitness since Oct. 2012..I have lost 36 pounds..just trying to lose the little bit of fat on lower belly…Love your tabata workouts..great finishers to my workout routine….i got some people from my fitness group to like your page on FB..i was waiting for a box jump tabata and you got one..thanks..can’t wait to try tomorrow after my workouts..keep the videos coming!!!

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