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Filming 13 YouTube Videos In One Day

Behind The Scenes At YouTube Space LA: Live Lean Life Vlog Ep. 07

On today’s vlog episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing the behind the scenes of filming 13 YouTube videos in one day at YouTube Space LA.

This is Live Lean Life Vlog Ep. 07.

We’re busy preparing all of our ideas for tomorrow’s full day of filming at YouTube Space LA.

Over the next 48 hours, Jessica and I will be filming:

However, before we do that, we first need to figure out what content to film.

It’s time to focus.

How To Stay Focused On Getting Work Done

When I’m writing, I need to be zeroed in.

One of the things I like to have while working at my desk is a tea or coffee or an energy drink.

I find caffeine helps keep me focused.

Even though I wish I was drinking coffee right now, I decided to sip on Earl Grey black tea, since I had my morning coconut oil coffee a few hours earlier.

One of the good things about Earl Grey black tea is it’s considered a high caffeine tea.

I’m also into experimenting with supplements that can help improve brain cognitive function.

In the past, I’ve used Alpha Brain from Onnit.

alpha brain

Alpha Brain is a supplement that may help increase brain power, memory and focus.

I take two capsules of Alpha Brain, then chug it back with water.

Now that I feel my focus and memory is dialed in, it’s time to zone in and get some writing done.

In other words, it’s time to GSD.

Filming 13 YouTube Videos In One Day At YouTube Space LA

My bags are packed and we’re ready to go to YouTube Space LA for a long day of filming.

We’re also taking you with us to show you the behind the scenes of our YouTube filming process.

Let’s do this.

I remember when we first moved to Los Angeles, I didn’t have any idea that we would be this close to YouTube Space.

We can literally drive to YouTube Space within 5-6 minutes, with no traffic.

It’s pretty sweet, since the city is so sprawled out.

We are so grateful that YouTube allows us to use their beautiful production studio.

Did you know that YouTube is how Jessica and I found each other?

Proposing To My Girlfriend Who I Met On YouTube

Let’s go inside and check it out.

We are filming on YouTube Space LA Stage C from 9-2pm.

It looks like Strength Project is coming in right after us, so we have to get in and get our filming done.

For today’s filming, Marc from Edge 9 Media is our videographer.

Marc was the same videographer who did an amazing job filming and editing this 45 Minute Leg Workout For Mass At The Gym video.

A Touch of Makeup Magic

While Marc is setting up the camera equipment, Jessica told me I needed some makeup to reduce my shiny complexion.

Even the guys get a little help from makeup artists.

Therefore, if you see these videos and think, “dude you look like you have makeup”, it’s Jessica’s fault.

Photoshoot Of The Bump

Before filming, Jessica posed for a few pregnancy photos to document how “ridiculously large” her baby bump was.

With 6 weeks left to go before the due date, it’s hard to believe the baby bump is still going to get bigger.

Even though Jessica loves being pregnant, she can’t wait to see her get her abs back.

Lights, Camera, Action

Before filming, I needed to get a little bit of that vascular muscle pump.

5 push ups is all it takes to look like you’re in shape ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s now time to film.

After filming my 5 episodes, that’s a wrap for me.

Here are my Live Lean TV episodes:

Before Jessica is up, the crew took a little break.

Here are Jessica’s 4 Live Lean TV episodes:

After 4 Hours, That’s A Wrap At YouTube Space LA

There is a lot of preparation and production to get these Live Lean TV episodes done for you, so hopefully you’re enjoying them.

I’m really excited about the content we just filmed because I know it’s going to help you Live Lean.

We really appreciate your ongoing support and chatter.

In the comment section below, let us know, what do you want to see in upcoming episodes?

However, we’re not done yet.

Back To The Live Lean Kitchen For More Recipe Videos

Now it’s time to go back to the Live Lean kitchen to film more Team Live Lean cooking videos, and a few kitchen cutaway videos for my videos filmed earlier.

The first recipe was our high calorie Healthy Weight Gainer Smoothie.

This healthy smoothie is meant for a lot of people who are looking to gain weight, the right way, with high calorie healthy foods.

Not everyone is trying to lose weight.

chicken nuggets recipe

I also filmed a healthy chicken nuggets recipe.

While the chicken nuggets were baking, Marc was taking photos of the healthy weight gainer smoothie.

Next up is the crispy coconut meatless bacon recipe, then the last recipe, the Sweet Potato BLT sandwich without bread.

We’re using substituting bread for slices of baked sweet potatoes.

It’s so good.

A Few More Pregnancy Photos

After that, Jessica has more pregnancy photos for her Live Lean Pregnancy program.

While Jessica is getting her photos done, I have to entertain and teach our dog Bruno new tricks.

It’s been a very busy, but fun and successful work day.

Even though we’re working and hustling on a Saturday, you can’t complain when work is comprised of eating delicious food and working out.

Final Two Workout Videos

Time to head to the outdoor track to film the final two new workout videos, while burning calories and getting lean.

After finishing the first workout, I was feeling good.

Here is the workout: The Ultimate 10 Minute Bodyweight Tabata Workout

While the film crew sets up for the second workout at the center of the football field, I need to keep moving.

One more video to go.

Here’s the final workout: 7 Minute Workout Challenge

7 Minute Workout Challenge - Burn Calories at a Blistering Pace with this NEW Workout

After filming the last workout of the day, the sweat was rolling down my face.

I tried to put the film crew through the workout, but they declined.

What a bunch of wimps ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s finally time to close out the full day of filming.

To recap, this full day of filming allowed us to create 13 YouTube videos and pregnancy photos for Jessica.

That’s how you GSD.


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