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Get Up And Get Shit Done (GSD Mindset)

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Stop avoiding things and just get shit done

On today’s motivational episode, I want to talk about why it’s so important to embrace the “get shit done” mindset.

But first, here’s a little bit of irony for you.

After a very long day, I decided to turn on the TV and relax on the couch.

Then it hit me.

I remembered that I didn’t upload a new blog post today.

My next thought was…

I’ll just write it tomorrow.

But here’s the irony.

The topic of today’s blog post was supposed to be about the importance of the GSD (get shit done) mindset.

In other words, I was about to skip writing a blog post, that was supposed to be about doing the things you don’t feel like doing.

What a wake up call.

As soon as I had this epiphany, I quickly realized that I needed to practice what I’m preaching, get off the damn couch, and get shit done.

What does the get shit done mindset have to do with fitness?

Well I’m sure there are many times when you don’t feel like going to the gym.

Yes, the only reason why you don’t go to the gym, is because you just don’t feel like it.

Well, make the stand today, that you’re going to start doing the things in your life, that you don’t feel like doing.

Living a life, with this GSD mindset, will quickly set you apart in your career, your relationships, and your health.

This get shit done mindset also applies to when you are actually in the gym.

For example, if you avoid doing barbell back squats, ask yourself, why am I always skipping squats?

It’s probably because it’s hard, it’s difficult, or maybe you don’t like the muscle soreness associated with squats.

Well if you find it difficult, that is a very good indicator that you need to be doing more squats.

Just because something is hard, doesn’t mean you should avoid it.

It means you should embrace it the challenge, and work to get better at it.

Bottom line on the Get Shit Done mindset

When you do the things in life that you don’t want to do, your life will change for the better.

When you embrace the get shit done mindset, after you finish the thing you wanted to skip, you’ll feel better about yourself, and you will feel empowered to keep moving forward.

Remember, after a tough workout, nobody has ever said, damn I wish I skipped that workout.

Be different.

Be better.

Get shit done.

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