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I hated the gym…[until this happened]


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I hated the gym…

Do you currently hate the gym??

You need to hear this.

People always tell me they can’t believe how much I love going the gym!

And that they are envious I’m able to keep it up and be so consistent.


Most people only go to the gym seasonally or when they feel like it (which is not very often!)

I have been going to the gym EVERY WEEK for years and years (over a decade now) and I absolutely love it.

Going to the gym consistently has helped me maintain killer results all year around, through every season.

But it wasn’t always this way. I used to work hard at the gym in the spring and summer then just let it all go and get soft again come winter time.

I am VERY familiar with the feelings of hating the gym.

I completely understand where you’re coming from.

I get it because I used to hate the gym too.


Before I started Living Lean I used to FORCE myself to go to the gym, then talk myself into staying on the treadmill for a certain number of minutes.

Then I’d wander around the gym floor, feeling like an idiot, not knowing what to do or where to start.


“What exercises should I do?”
“How many times do I need to do them?”
“How many reps is enough?”
“How fast do I need to move?
“Should I do cardio?”
“How long do I have to do cardio for?”

“How much longer till I see some results??”


I had all kinds of questions!

I’d fidget around with random machines just to look busy.

I’d do a couple of sets of crunches, then just lay there and stare at the ceiling wondering why getting in shape had to be so damn complicated and confusing.


This all changed the first time I followed a gym program.


I still remember the immediate satisfaction of looking over the workout, seeing how many exercises, how many sets and reps, and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, knowing that if I made it through this workout it would be a session well spent and I’d be one step closer to my goals.

And I still to this day follow programs (most of them are programs I’m writing myself), but still there’s a big difference between following some well thought out structure versus just winging it.

There is such a huge surge of confidence that comes with having a plan and knowing what to do when you step into the gym.

It’s just like setting the GPS on your car to know exactly where to go instead of having to make it up along the way and waste your time with a bunch of wrong turns.

If you have been going to the gym without a plan then it’s no wonder you feel lost, confused and unmotivated.

Your first step is to select the right plan, based on your starting point and on your goals, then take all the guesswork out of the journey and simply follow the plan.

Here’s my recommendation on where to start if you’ve never followed a plan before: Live Lean Newbie.

Live Lean Newbie is the perfect plan for you if you’re new to lifting or new to following a structured plan.

With 18 unique gym-based workouts you will walk into the gym like a boss, own your workouts, never get bored, and see better results than you’ve ever seen before.


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