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3 Worst Pregnancy Workout Mistakes


If you are pregnant you MUST know these pregnancy workout mistakes

Working out during pregnancy is very healthy BUT only if you do it right!

3 Worst Pregnancy Workout Mistakes

As you know if you watch our channel regularly I am quite pregnant right now. I’m just over 8 months along in my first pregnancy.

It’s been an interesting experience in many ways, but mainly in experiencing people’s reactions to me still working out throughout my pregnancy.


I’ve been getting a lot of “wow, you’re still working out?” and “I didn’t know you could still workout when pregnant”
-So on today’s video I wanted to clarify what should and shouldn’t be done in pregnancy and let you know about some of the WORST mistakes you can make

1) No physical activity at all.

This is a big mistake! All pregnancy literature I’ve read says that if you haven’t been working out pre-pregnancy that now is not the time to start, and I agree that it’s a bad time to INCREASE the intensity of whatever you were doing before, BUT not working out doesn’t mean not moving at all.
You should absolutely include daily walks, swimming, stretching, yoga, and any other gentle physical activities that you like.

2) Using the same workout intensity as before.

If you were working out before pregnancy then continuing at your SAME intensity is not the best idea.

I suggest you knock your intensity down several notches…to about half the intensity you were using before pregnancy.

Pregnancy does put additional stress on your body so even if you feel great and strong it’s just not a good idea and also not necessary for you to be going beastmode right now.

One more thing to keep in mind is that fat loss should NOT be the goal of your workouts.

You actually do need some body fat to nourish you baby and yourself.

3) Choosing the wrong exercise types.

Types of exercises you want to avoid during pregnancy are: high intensity, plyometrics, most calisthenics..(like unassisted dips and pull-ups), and sprints of any kind.

You don’t need to be doing box jumps, or jump rope, or downhill running, anything that would be jarring for baby.. just avoid it.

I hope that you will continue to be active throughout your pregnancy and not be making any of these mistakes.

I am coming out with a pregnancy program soon, so stay tuned to hear more about that!

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