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3 Weighted Exercises Every Woman Should Be Doing

These 3 exercises are essential to any great workout program and are even safe during pregnancy

Are you doing these exercises on a regular basis? These moves especially target women’s trouble zones

3 Weighted Exercises Every Woman Should Be Doing

It’s hard for me to pick favorites when it comes to exercises, but these 3 have always been top of my list. I like these moves because they work your entire body and especially because they target women’s trouble zones like thighs, butt and back.

The first move is Stiff Leg Deadlifts. I’m using 15lb Dumbbells for this, but if it’s your first time, try it without weights or use lighter ones like 5’s or 8’s. The key focus here is hinging at the hips and keeping your back flat. Also take notice of where your neck it at, keep your chin in a neutral position and your spine straight. Avoid the temptation to look up in the mirror at your form and instead look down towards your feet. Lower the weights down until you feel a good stretch in your hamstrings then pull back up and tighten your glutes and hips. The glute contraction is essential so make sure you don’t skip that! After just 10-15 reps of these you’ll feel like your butt has just lifted up!

The second move is Back Lunges. I love all types of lunges, like side lunges, forward lunges and walking lunges, but back lunges are the most basic of the bunch and easy to learn. Hold the dumbbells at your sides, then take a big step back and lower your back knee all the way to the ground, just barely touching the ground, not slamming it down. Then step forward and return to standing. You can alternate legs or do all one side and then switch.

The third move is a Cable Pull Down. I’m using a machine with two cables, but a lot of gyms have one that’s just one cable, either will work. You can also use an assisted pull up machine in place of this. Sit on the bench or platform and make sure the bar is high enough above your head that arms can be straight. Pull the bar down towards your collar bone and flex and tighten all the muscles in your back. Slowly return to the starting position and continue your reps.

These 3 moves or similar should definitely be in your workout program and if they are not, then maybe it’s time to try a new program! I created one specifically for women calle Live Lean Formula for Women and it utilizes these exercises and many more that are top of my list for efficiency and effectiveness in transforming your body to a lean fitness model look.

We also offer brand new workout programs every month inside that use these moves and more.

Thanks for watching! and KEEP Living Lean

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