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7 Rules of Pregnancy Workout Safety

Is it SAFE to workout during Pregnancy?

Do you wonder if it’s safe to exercise while pregnant?

Many women are afraid to workout during pregnancy because they have been told that it is not safe.

The truth is, exercise during pregnancy CAN BE safe and also very beneficial to both baby and mama, BUT only when necessary precautions are taken.

I want to share with you my 7 rules for pregnancy workout safety to make sure that you are exercising in the best way possible for you and baby and keeping safe from harm and preventing accidents.

Follow these 7 rules to have a safe, fit and healthy pregnancy.

Rule 1) Continue “Normal” for You.

If you worked out pre-pregnancy, then continue. If you did not workout before, then now is not the time to start. If your body is not used to exercise you should keep it to light and gentle physical activity like walking and stretching.

Rule 2) Skip Dangerous Exercises

Things like box jump or any sort of jumps where there is a risk of falling. Stay grounded and avoid jumps that pose a risk.

If you’re not sure if an exercise is dangerous or not, ask yourself “does it make me nervous?”, if so, just skip it.

Rule 3) Hydrate Extra.

Important for health during pregnancy, helps avoid risk of fainting or passing out, also helps avoid stretch marks on your skin.

Rule 4) Lie at Incline NOT FLAT

You can still do belly-up exercises like chest press or pull overs, just make sure your body is at an incline rather than flat. This helps with blood flow to you and the baby.

Rule 5) Do not Overexert

No straining or struggling. If you notice a vein popping out or your face turning red, then you are likely working too hard for pregnancy. On a scale of 1 to 10, your exertion level should feel like a 6 maximum.

Rule 6) Never Hold your Breath

Continue the flow of oxygen to you and the baby. It’s important that the baby always has consistent air flow and the only way the baby gets it is through your lungs. Keep breathing always.

Rule 7) Avoid High Heat/Humidity

Always workout in a cool temperature, around 75 degrees or less. If you feel overheated, stop the workout and allow your body to cool off.

Another important tip: Make sure you eat enough food for you and baby. Exercise burns calories so it’s important to increase your portion sizes just the right amount during pregnancy to ensure you’re getting enough fuel and nutrients. Follow the nutrition guide included with my Live Lean Pregnancy program.

If you are currently pregnant and looking for safe and effective workouts and nutrition help, this guide will be perfect for you to follow:

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I hope you enjoyed todays video and seeing how I keep fit through pregnancy and with a toddler.

We are looking forward to introducing you to the little man soon.



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