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Should Certain Fruits Be Eliminated For Weight Loss?

Since fruits are naturally high in sugar and carbohydrates are they bad for weight loss?

Should you avoid certain fruits when trying to lose weight?

Should Certain Fruits Be Eliminated For Weight Loss?

I asked you for video ideas on Snapchat (my username is SnapyJessy) and I got some awesome video topic ideas! This question comes from abmissash1997 on Snapchat.

Should certain fruits be eliminated for weight loss?

This is a very common question & concern among people trying to lose weight.

Fruits are naturally high in sugar and carbohydrates, leading some people to believe they can cause fat gain.

I assure you, Fruits are NOT the main culprit that’s making you fat.

Too often people start eliminating the healthy foods from their diet just to make room for the less healthy modified processed frankenfoods.

Fruits should not be binged on, but they are a perfectly healthy part of your live lean diet. Much healthier than packaged foods that claim to be low-sugar, sugar-free, low-carb, or low-fat.

We can’t say it enough, to get the best results with fat loss you should be eating primarily WHOLE natural foods that you find in the produce section of the market.

If you eat a lot of fruit and you love it, but you have some unwanted body fat, there is a chance you may be overdoing it with your fruit portion sizes.

BUT before you blame the fruit, I encourage you to take a look at your OVERALL diet and see if you can cut other high calorie sources fast food or fried food.

Also you can decide WHEN to have the highest sugar fruits based on when your body needs them most. We aim to have the highest glycemic fruits POST WORKOUT. These include: Ripe Bananas, Mangoes, Papayas, Watermelon, Pineapples and Grapes.

Fruit works as an excellent addition to post workout smoothies and it’s perfect for those post-workout carbs that you need.

The majority volume of your diet should be made of up vegetables and protein sources, fruits should definitely be in there but not as the main event.

So NO, don’t eliminate fruits from your diet. Instead eliminate packaged processed foods or junk foods, and replace them with fruits and veggies.

When your goal is weight loss just make sure your entire day’s worth of calories does not exceed your needs.

If you are still struggling with how much of any foods you should be eating to get results, send us your application for Live Lean Custom Coaching by visiting the page

I can write you up Customized Nutrition Plan telling you exactly how much of which foods you should eat.

Leave us a comment below, how much fruit are you eating per day?, and what is your weight loss or muscle gain goal?

In the meantime, KEEP Living Lean!

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I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

6 responses to “Should Certain Fruits Be Eliminated For Weight Loss?

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Nice article, I ready it very carefully.
    I’m currently working out according to Live Lean Mass (I did LL Afterburn 1.0 and 2.0 before) and always try to improve my nutrition plan. Thus, I got 2 questions I hope you can answer to (I have a 20% of total calories intake):
    1.) When should I eat carbs on non-workout (i. e. recovery) days?
    2.) Almost every day, my total carb intake comes only from fruits. Is this OK or should be always a mixture of fruits, sweet (potatoes), maple syrup and honey?


  2. Just watched the fruit video. I have lost 40lbs. of my goal of 70lbs. I eat nothing but fruits and vegetables and include about 6 servings of fresh fruits every day. Pre work-out and post work-out meals. Pre work-out is only prior to work outs lasting more than 90 minutes. Thanks for all your help.

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