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Postpartum Ab Tightening Workout

If you have been through pregnancy, your ab muscles have been stretched. Here are the exercises I have used to tighten mine up again.

We’re going to do a 20 minute gentle core tightening routine together

Follow Along with me as I guide you through 2 rounds of my gentle core tightening circuit.

Yes! Your abs can be tight again after babies

We’ll be focusing on tightening our abs and working them safely.

This workout is gentle enough for mamas who have had a c-section or diastasis recti abdominal muscle separation, but please consult your doctor first.

I recommend you wait at least 6 weeks after healing before you begin to workout your ab muscles. It is never too late, but it could be too early.

Working your abs before they are healed can cause further damage, so please use caution and do not do this before you are ready.

I did NOT exercise my abs throughout the full term of both of my pregnancies (stopped immediately upon finding out I was pregnant) and I waited 6 weeks after delivery to resume ab training again.

If you had a c-section or any abdominal injuries during birth it’s best to wait even longer, perhaps 2 to 3 months after delivery before you begin to train your abs again.

I had 2 full-term pregnancies (2016 and 2018) and these are the moves I used to tighten my abs back up again.

I’ve used these in combination with following full body programming.

Here are my favorite 10 safe and gentle core exercises:

  1. Seated Corset Breathing
In a comfortable seated position, focus on your breathing. Inhale to expand your abs and exhale to contract. Imagine a corset around your waist and envision is closing as you exhale.

2. All Fours Tummy Vacuum

In an all fours position, flex abs up towards your spine. Inhale and relax the abs, then exhale and lift and tighten them. Keep the spine movement small and concentrate on the muscles.

3. All Fours Knee to Elbow

Start in all fours. Lift one knee up and toward the opposite side elbow as you contract your abs. Alternate sides, exhaling with each contraction.

4. Lying Corset Breathing

Lying on your back, focus on expansion and contraction of the abs. Press your lower back into the ground as you contract your abs tight.

5. Heel Drops

6. Mini Knee Tucks (Reverse Crunch)

7. Side Knee Drops

Start with your feet and knees close together. Allow one knee to fall open to the side, then bring it back to the midline and squeeze your inner thighs together

8. Bridge Pelvic Tilts

In a bridge position, relax your abs and let your hips sink down, then tighten your abs to create a flat straight surface from ribs to hips. Focus on lengthening and shortening.

9. Bridge Kegels (pelvic floor exercise)

Maintain the lifted bridge position, but focus on pelvic floor contractions (kegels). Inhale and relax, then exhale and tighten.

10. Supported Leg Extensions

This move is similar to a bicycle crunch but with added support from your upper body to protect the abs. Hold onto one knee while you extend the other leg. Exhale with each leg extension and inhale as you return back to switch sides.

This workout consists of 2 rounds of these 10 exercises. You are welcome to add a 3rd round if you are more advanced.

Do not progress to more challenging variations until you abs feel strong enough to have complete control during all of these moves.

How Often to Do This:

This workout is a compilation of my 10 favorite gentle core exercises that are safe for post-pregnancy.

You do not have to complete all 10 of these exercises within the same session each time.

You can work these moves into your full body workouts or just pick a few of your favorites to use on days in between other workouts.

As always, the best results with fat loss and tightening are going to come from a holistic approach to your fitness, not just from core exercises alone.

After both of my pregnancies I took time to recover but then eased back into programming with Live Lean Mom.

Live Lean Mom Program

These safe and gentle workouts are the best way to ease back into a training routine again.

Doing this workout alone will likely not be enough to tighten your abs.

Combine this work with following a full body training program to see the tightest ab results.

Early postpartum mama: If it’s been less than 6 months since you had your baby, definitely start with this program: LLMOM

If it has been more than 6 months, I recommend my total body transformation plan: Formula for Women

If you would like a full program of bodyweight only workouts, you can follow my Tone at Home program that includes Full Body zero equipment workouts and fat burning cardio.

You would also love our Team Live Lean training plans, especially the Home Versions.

Follow the same workouts I’m following:




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