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How To Balance A Healthy Lifestyle With Healthy And Unhealthy Food

Healthy Meals And A Cheat Meal | Live Lean Life Ep. 041

On today’s vlog episode of Live Lean TV, I’m showing you how to balance a healthy lifestyle with healthy and unhealthy food.

In Live Lean Life Vlog Ep. 041 I share:

First Meal Of The Day

 Here is the first meal of the day that I made me for me and Jessica.

egg omelette

The only difference between the two meals is the portion size.

In other words, my serving size is bigger because it has more gains on it.

This is an example of a meat and nuts breakfast:

Oh, yes.

Behind The Scenes Of Filming Our Live Lean Yoga Program

I hammered my arms at the gym today with another workout from my Live Lean MASS 2.0 program.

Now I’m back here in the studio to film a video for our Live Lean Yoga program.

We also have one of our favorite photographers, Megan McMillan, and Yoga Coach Desiree Rumbaugh, helping us out.

Coach Desiree is amazed at Jessica’s abs, especially after she just had baby Kyla.

Jessica's abs

Jessica said the only thing that’s different with her abs after giving birth, is her belly button has a hood 😂.

I’m excited because we’re filming level two of the Live Lean Yoga program right now.

We already filmed two of the beginner Yoga videos, so this is level 2.

Wish me luck here since my arms and shoulders are a little tight since I was pumping all that iron this morning.

Our Live Lean Yoga program is available now in our app.

Live Lean Client Testimonial

While I was working in the office, I received an amazing Snapchat message from Shauna Holland.

I just wanted to give her a quick shoutout by sharing her Snap.

Here is what she said in the Snap:

“Hey, Brad. Hey, Jess. I just wanted to let you know, I’ve been following your Live Lean 20 Diet, as well as your Live Lean 15 workout program. Right now I’m on base, and I just did my fitness evaluation for the year for the military, and I killed it. So thank you so much and keep Living Lean. Bye.”


That right there is what it’s all about.

Not only do we love that you’re executing on our workout and nutrition plans, and teachings, but you’re also following up with us, and telling us about it, and you’re putting it on video, and sharing it.

We need to know who you guys are because we want to be more personal with you.

Thank you so much Shauna.

A+ to you for sending us a video sharing your results from following and executing on our workout and nutrition plans.

We want to hear from more of you guys.

Announcing The Winner From Last Week’s Vlog Contest

All right, it’s time to announce the winner from last week’s Costco grocery haul vlog contest.

I just found the winner, however two people who were so close to guessing it right.

The actual price of last week’s Costco grocery haul was $333.73.

While I was going through the comments, I saw somebody guessed $332.00, but somebody else was actually closer as they guessed $332.23.

Blake Stevens, you are the winner of the Live Lean 20 Diet cookbook.

Live Lean 20 Diet

To get your prize, comment on the YouTube video with your email and we will get you a copy of our Live Lean 20 Diet system.

Here’s What I Brought For Lunch To The Office

Here is my lunch at the office.

Boo hooked me up with a turkey salad with a side of grapes.

Lunch At The Office

She also included one of her world famous salad dressing in a little container.

It looks like the salad dressing is a mixture of Dijon mustard with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Nice job, boo ❤️.

Slow Cooker Tri Tip Beef And Sauteed Kale For Dinner

We’re about to make a vegetable side to go with dinner.

This morning we made tri tip beef in the slow cooker.

It’s such an easy slow cooker recipe.

You just throw everything in the slow cooker and let it do it’s thing.

To go along with it, we’re also making a side of chopped kale sautéed in coconut oil and diced garlic.

When you have a slow cooker, this is one of the simplest dinners you can make.

The slow cooker does all the work for you, then you simply throw a side of vegetables.

This is another example of how to eat delicious food when you are Living Lean.

Remember, Living Lean is not about starving yourself or eating bland, tasteless, boring food.

kyla eating kale

This kale is so good and delicious, even baby Kyla and Bruno wants some.

If you want to get muscles like us, this recipe is going to be in my muscle building cookbook on our app.

Side note: We want to give a big shout out to a viewer of the show, our friend Joe from Florida, who sent us this new frying pan as an awesome gift.

Thanks Uncle Joe!

Since he watches our videos, he has seen us cooking a lot with an old frying pan that’s really starting to lose it.

This older pan was really nice, but I think it’s time to replace it with this new one.

Thank you so much for sending this to us Joe.

I’m excited to give it a spin and show you it’s non-stick, magical powers, as well as what we’re having for dinner.

We love presents, so send more please 😂.

Important Muscle Building Mindset Tip

I’m back home after another leg day workout from my Live Lean MASS 2.0 program.

During this leg workout, a lot of times I wanted to quit.

However, since I was wearing a Kill Cliff t-shirt that said, “Kill The Quit”, you have to keep the squats going.

Kill The Quit Kill Cliff

It’s true.

I see a lot of people go into the gym, but they quit too early.

In other words, once they start to feel the tension, they quit.

When the tension begins, that’s when the gains begin.

Next time you’re in the gym and you’re feeling like you’re hitting failure, seriously think about it.

Is your mind hitting failure or are your muscles hitting failure?

Those are two different things.

However, be safe.

Don’t be an idiot.

*Drop the mic.*

Burger Lounge Cheat Meal Time

I’m back from the gym after a late session tonight.

On my way home I stopped at Burger Lounge.

If you have Burger Lounge in your city, it is one of the best healthiest types of burgers you can get.

I’m not a huge burger fan, but these grass fed burgers are really good.

This is a cheat meal for us tonight.

We are not having pizza this week.

This is burger week.

Jessica and I ordered “The Classic” grass fed burgers.

Both of our burgers had cheese on it because I always forget to tell them “no cheese”.

Cheese doesn’t mess with Jessica’s belly like it does with mine.

We also got one order of french fries to share between two of us.

I don’t enjoy eating too many french fries because the salt gets to me.

I just like to have 10-15 fries and then I’m good.

This is why we prefer to share an order of french fries.

To be honest, one large serving is also enough for two people since they are actually quite a big.

Here’s another little money saving hack.

Burger Lounge charges an extra $2 to add avocados to your burger.

Since we just bought a bunch of avocados at Costco and need to eat them before they go bad, we spread out a 1/4 of sliced avocados on our burgers before we eat.

Burger Lounge Cheat Meal

Screw that people.

We’re not being cheap, we’re just being practical.

We have to save money.

All right, let’s eat.

Live mean cheat meal, going down.

That is a good burger right there.

If you’re going to get a cheat meal, make sure whatever you’re eating, you’re going to enjoy it.

Kyla is also excited to try this burger and fries in her booby milk.



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