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The Workouts That Got Me Back In Shape Post Pregnancy To Be a Fit Lean Mom

After Baby

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Want to be a Fit Mom?

I want to share with you the quick and effective workouts perfect for new moms, that will train you to get and stay lean, FOREVER!

Coach Brad & Jessica Gouthro
Hey mama,

You might know me as Jess,

I’ve been a certified trainer, fitness coach and youtuber since 2008

When I got pregnant with my first baby Kyla, I have to admit, I worried a little about how I’d get back in shape after her birth.

So many people warned me:

“Fitness is harder after you become a Mom”
“Pregnancy ruins women’s bodies”
“You’ll just never be the same…”


Mom’s CAN live lean.

You CAN be a super fit lean mom WITHOUT sacrificing attention for your kids or enjoyment of life!

And That’s why I created:

Live Lean Mom.


There are some things about motherhood that make fitness different than it was before you had kids.

1) You can no longer spend as much time as you want at the gym
2) You have to prioritize your baby’s needs
3) You worry that working out will take time away from being with your precious babe.

Since being with your baby is your number 1 priority, you need a solution that DOESN’T take you away from baby.

There are essentially 3 big mistakes that most mom’s make with fitness

  1. You think you need HOURS instead of minutes, so you put it off. Since you don’t have hours per day to dedicate to your fitness you just let it go and think “I don’t have time”. Well guess what.. even just a few minutes per day can give you substantially better results than none at all, and we all have 15 minutes or less per day we can dedicate to our fitness.
  2. You think you need to go super intense to burn off baby weight. Nope! Mama, donchu worry.. Your body is still recovering from giving birth – one of the hardest physical events of life! and now it’s time to be gentle and forgiving with your body. These live lean mom workouts are not like bootcamp. and they don’t need to be. You’ll get results by staying consistent, not by beating yourself up.
  3. You think that spending time with baby means sitting or laying only. Did you know that babies LOVE watching their mamas exercise. It’s pure entertainment for little babes. Just try it, I often get giggles and smiles from my baby as she watches me workout.

BE A LEAN MOM With Live Lean Mom Workouts & Nutrition

Follow Along Workout Videos

You and your baby can workout right along side me and Kyla! We show you rep by rep exactly how to do the workouts

Nutrition Guide

Enjoy the same meals I ate as a new mommy

Supplement Guide

Do you take any supplements? Find out which ones I take and recommend

It's Time to Take Action and Live Lean 365 Days a Year

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Here's What You're Getting When You Invest In Live Lean Mom...

The Program Guide

Learn how to follow the program and some tips on how to get best results with the program guide

2 Workouts with Baby near by

I'll guide you through these workouts that are body weight only, you can use right next to your babe. Allow him or her to chill on the carpet next to you or in a baby seat, and let them enjoy the show!

2 Workouts with Baby involved

You can involve your baby in your workouts and have fun together! Follow me and Kyla as I show you how to use your baby as weight in a super safe and fun way.

2 Home Dumbbell workouts

I included 2 home weight training workouts you can use during baby's nap time or any time you have someone else around to watch baby for 15 minutes.

Stretch Routine

Hey mama, I know you're tired and you need a good stretch. Follow me through my favorite foam rolling routine and stretches that help you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

Be a Live Lean Mom

Live Lean Mom

Was $47 Now Only $37

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