How To Increase Your Memory

In this blog post I’ll quickly discuss a simple way to increase your memory…so don’t forget to read it. Ok, sorry lame joke!

With an increase in the aging population, it’s important to discuss the declining effects aging can have on the body and brain functions. These bodily and brain functions that once seemed so easy and normal, can now be a major cause of depression. Here are a few of the most common: declining testosterone levels, muscle tissue, balance, and mental capacities such as your memory/dementia.

Fish, Fish and Krill Oil Can Help Increase Memory

Fish oil is rich in omega 3’s (EPA and DHA). A study by Gua et al. showed that people with a diet rich in omega 3/polyunsaturated fats from fish were shown to have a decreased level of age related dementia, depression, and showed an increase in heart healthy benefits.

Research has shown that a dose of as low as 1 gram of fish oil per day can help increase mood and decrease depression. More research is currently being done on this.

So start eating more fish and supplementing with fish/krill oil to increase your intake of omega 3’s (EPA and DHA).

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