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How to Build Your Willpower to Live Lean

Do you keep starting a fitness journey only to give up a few weeks into it?

If you’re frustrated by your lack of willpower, keep reading

How to Build Your Willpower to Live Lean

Will Power is basically Impulse control. It’s being able to say no to your impulses that don’t serve you. For example, when you get a craving for junk food but you’re supposed to be on a fat loss program and you’ve already hit your macros for the day, Willpower can help you resist temptation.

Every time you exercise your willpower you increase your ability to have greater willpower at the next opportunity.

Just like when you workout and your body gets stronger for the next workout.

By resisting small urges you strengthen your willpower for the next temptation. The best way to build it stronger is to use it often in small ways.

Every time you give-in to short term urges your will power for you big goals weakens a bit. Like skipping one workout sometimes leads to skipping many, or eating one piece of candy sometimes leads to a full on binge.

Ultimately will power is essential to get what you really really want instead of what you want in the moment BUT there’s another stronger driver than will power that you can rely on instead – it’s called your REASON WHY

Read more in depth about this in my husband’s new book “Think and Live Lean” – seriously a life changer.

Think and Live Lean

When we are really clear on our reasoning then it’s no longer a matter of strong or weak will power, it becomes very easy to say yes to things that help you get closer and no to things that set you back.

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For example, if your goal is to make a million dollars and I told you all you had to do was climb 10,000 step staircase, I’m sure you wouldn’t hesitate, you’d take off quickly and keep going till you got there.

It’s a lot easier to get there and you’ll get there a lot quicker than if I just told you to go climb those 10,000 steps for exercise or just because I said so.

Even if you can’t actually SEE that prize at the top because it’s so far away, at least knowing and believing it’s there will help propel you to get started and to keep going.

You’re reason why is your motivation to get fit and unfortunately a lot of people just don’t know what theirs is.

The only way you can figure out your reason why is to THINK about it.

Think hard and long, go deep, keep asking yourself why until you find a reason that gives you butterflies in your stomach, tingles up your spine, and lights that fire under your bum to make you want to get up and take action TODAY.

Without knowing WHY you need to workout or eat healthy it’s just too easy to skip it.
Regardless of how strong your willpower is, you will eventually just loose interest and stay in your comfort zone.

So… instead of torturing yourself trying to build up your will power, I hope you will spend just a few mins a day thinking hard about WHY you want to change, and what it is that motivates you.

Be very careful to avoid negative motivation statements like “because I don’t want to be fat” or “because being fat sucks”.. you can easily flip these around and say because “I want to be lean” or “Being lean is awesome!”

Let us know in the comments below what is YOUR reason why.. the one that gives you butterflies when you type it.

Thanks so much for watching, don’t forget to pick up a paper, digital, or audio copy of Think and Live Lean to dive further into this content.

Think and Live Lean

In the meantime, KEEP Living Lean!

Hope this video helped you out. Share this vid with a friend who might also benefit from this info and I’ll see you guys next Thursday! Thanks for reading and KEEP Living Lean!

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