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6 Simple Steps To Stay Committed To Your Fitness Goals

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How To Begin Your Live Lean Journey

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing my 6 simple steps to stay committed to your fitness goals and begin your Live Lean journey.

If I haven’t said it before, let me say it again.

It’s an absolute honor that you have put your trust in me as the leader of the Live Lean Nation.

So thank you.

Start Getting In Shape Now

If you’ve been a long time subscriber of our Live Lean TV YouTube channel, you know the major thing that separates Live Leaners from all the rest, is that we live this lean lifestyle, 365 days a year.

As a Live Leaner there are no off-seasons, no bulking, and no cutting.

It’s lean gains, physically and emotionally, all year round.

However, if you’re a new Live Lean TV subscriber, it’s my duty to help lead you to the Live Lean promise land.

That means teaching you how to make ongoing, sustainable lifestyle changes, starting today, so we can create new habits and make this your best year ever, and keep that momentum going forever.


Sound good?

6 Simple Steps To Stay Committed To Your Fitness Goals

Here are my 6 simple steps to stay committed to your fitness goals.

Step #1. Make Your Health A Priority

Since you are subscribed to this Live Lean TV YouTube channel, I know your health is important to you, but I want you to take it one step further.

I want you to make your health a priority this year.

Planning My Life Goals

This time of year, we’re bombarded with advice on writing out our goals for every key area of our life, including:

  • health and wellness
  • career
  • personal development
  • relationships
  • financial
  • spiritual

However, this can be overwhelming.

For this year, I want you to just pick 2 areas of your life and make those goals your priority.

Since you are now committed to getting in shape, one of those priority areas needs to be your health.

5 Rules To Get In Shape

Then simply pick another area that would have the most impact on the quality of your life.

As the saying goes, when you chase 8 rabbits, you’ll end up with none.

This is your year of focus.

Step #2. Make One Key Behavior Change At A Time

To begin your journey to Live Lean, change one behavior at a time.

If you don’t currently workout, make the decision today to invest in a workout program that is suited to your fitness level, then stick to the workout schedule within that program.


Go take our Live Lean Body Quiz to find the best program for you based on your goals, fitness level, and access to equipment.

Going from 0 hours of exercise per week, to 2 hours of daily workout sessions is just crazy.

If you’re new, commit to 3 x 45 minute workouts a week.

But please don’t just walk into the gym empty handed.

Invest in a workout program, work with an online coach, hire a personal trainer, or workout with a friend.

The investment and the accountability is priceless.

Step #3. Take Action

You can continuously read all about the best workouts and you can dream about working out in your sleep, but without putting in the physical work, nothing will happen for you.

I want you to stop the analysis paralysis over the best diet or the best workout program to follow.

Make this the year of continuously doing the one key behavior that we talked about in step #2.

Just take action.

Step #4. Track Your Results With A Journal

As the saying goes:

Things that get measured, get improved.

If your one new key behavior is working out, keep a workout journal.

If it is diet related, keep a food journal.

Step #5. Accountability

As I mentioned earlier, accountability is everything.

It’s inevitable, your will power will drop throughout the year, but when you’re surrounded by like-minded people who can keep you accountable, it makes a huge difference.

Here’s how to stay accountable to your health and fitness goals:

You can also surround yourself with a community of like-minded people on our Facebook Page.

Step #6. Celebrate The Wins

I made this mistake early on, and Jessica did as well on her journey to Live Lean.

We were all business and no fun.

This was a big mistake because it can potentially create negative relationships with people, and bad relationships with food and exercise.

Depending on your goals, decide to take one day as your “fun day” of active entertainment.

This includes enjoying a treat meal or treat day once a week.

6 Cheat Meal Rules To Fire Up Your Metabolism And Burn More Fat

Bottom line, Living Lean is not about perfection, it’s about progress.

Those were your 6 action steps to join the Live Lean Nation and make this your year to Live Lean.

Bottom Line On The 6 Simple Steps To Stay Committed To Your Fitness Goals

Decide to focus on your health as your one major priority this year.

Then pick just one key behavior change that will drastically improve your priority, which is your health, and commit to it.

In the comment section below, or on our Live Lean TV Facebook Page, commit to action right now, by telling me your one key behavior change, so I will know you’re ready to be a Live Leaner.

Lastly, please share this video post with one of your friends so they can join you on this Live Lean journey.

Thanks for reading and keep Living Lean.

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  1. My Body Fat % is currently 24.8, I would really like it to be around 21/22%
    . I will use the Inner Circle and both channels to surround myself with
    like minded people, this will help with mindset, which is a huge behaviour
    change – kick those bad habits outta here!!

  2. Ok I watch a lot of your videos but you never talk about being skinny and
    trying to gain muscle I can’t gain without bulking! Living lean only works
    if you have the mass to hold and look good.

  3. Please take the time to Setup your camera correct. It makes it feel rushed
    and unprofessional.. Just saying.. Otherwise great video as always! 🙂

  4. You made some great points! Thanks for taking the time to give tips and
    motivate those of us who are attempting this journey! 🙂

  5. Starting on going to every grocery shopping trip with my mom. (She’s the
    one that picks up most of the junk food.) I constantly tell her “What would
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