5 Rules To Be Fit & Live Lean

5 Rules To Be Fit & Live Lean

My 5 Rules To Be Fit & Live Lean + 1 Extra “Rule”

It’s Freestyle Friday!

I love this time of the week because I get to address your (the viewer’s) questions directly in a video. One question I received a few weeks back was asking me for my 5 Rules To Be Fit.  In other words, what are the rules I live by to be fit 365 days a year.

I talk about all 5 rules as well as a “+1 Extra”…but I think you’ll really like that one.

Watch the video below as I explain all my 5 Rules To Be Fit & Live Lean:

To Sum It Up (full discussion in the video above): My 5 Rules To Be Fit Are:

1. Water

2. Whole Foods

3. Avoid Sugar

4. Right Types of Exercises

5. Sleep

6. I’m sure you remember this one from the video!


I hope you enjoyed my 5 Rules To Be Fit & Live Lean video!

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Brad Gouthro is the founder of Live Lean TV, a media company focused on helping men and women “Live Lean” 365 days a year. Brad’s programs and content have helped millions of people all over the world learn how to get in shape, and more importantly, sustain it for life.

2 responses to “5 Rules To Be Fit & Live Lean

  1. YES. Forget rules 1-5 once in a while. When I’ve restricted myself way too much and for far too long, I’ve found that I fall harder. Living 1-5 95% of the time, though, has completely turned my life around. People think living healthy is complicated…it’s as simple as what you’ve said.

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