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6 Foods You Should Be Eating Every Day

Eat These 6 Foods Everyday To Stay Lean 365 Days A Year:

Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode I’m sharing 6 foods you should be eating every day.

Straight up.

The foods you eat every day are either taking you closer to or further away from your weight loss, muscle building, cialis or overall health goals.

If you want to Live Lean 365 days a year like us, here are…

6 Foods You Should Be Eating Every Day:

#1. Blueberries

Blueberries are loaded with cancer fighting antioxidants, they’re delicious, and they can actually reduce inflammation, muscle soreness, and help you recover faster after a tough workout.

How To Eat Blueberries:
Add frozen blueberries to your smoothies for a delicious and healthy combo. Click here to see one of my favorite break the fast smoothie recipe videos.

Healthy Food Swap:
You can also substitute blueberries with other healthy berries like raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, or even cherries.

#2. Avocados:

Even though avocados are loaded with fat, it’s the healthy kind. In fact, many scientists call it an “anti-obesity” food because it’s packed full of nutrients, antioxidants, and the healthy fat balances your hunger hormones and keeps you feeling full.

How To Eat Avocados:
Add avocados to your eggs, salads, and as a spread. Check out this video where I show you how to make one of my favorite egg and avocado crackers snacks.

Healthy Food Swap:
You can substitute avocados with nuts and nut butters like macadamias, walnuts, and almonds.

#3. Spinach:

Spinach is packed full of the mineral, magnesium, which a lot of us tend to be deficient in. It’s also high in B vitamins, and antioxidants.

How To Eat Spinach:
Spinach is such a versatile food as it can be added to anything without affecting the taste of that food. Sure making a spinach salad or adding spinach to your omelettes is awesome, but get creative and try adding spinach to your smoothies. If you check out that smoothie recipe video that I mentioned earlier, you’ll see I add spinach to it.

#4. Chicken:

Chicken is loaded with healthy amino acids that make it a complete protein. Not only will this help you build metabolism boosting muscle, but the thermic effect of protein also helps you burn more calories just through the digestion process alone. Chicken will also help keep you feeling full so you won’t get the crazy food cravings. Just be sure to look for pasture raised chicken whenever possible.

How To Eat Chicken:
I like to grill or bake up 4-5 chicken breasts at a time, and spice them with sea salt, black pepper, and garlic and onion powder. Then I store them in tupperware and add them to my big ass salads or eat them as a quick snack.

Healthy Food Swap:
You can substitute chicken with turkey, wild fish, or grass fed beef for a complete and muscle building protein source.

#5. Eggs:

Before you lose it, and say but eating eggs everyday will give you a heart attack. STOP. And step into 2016. Eating a few eggs a day with an overall healthy diet and lifestyle WILL NOT give you a heart attack.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein as it contains a complete range of amino acids. 90% of the nutrition off the egg is also found in the yolk as it contains healthy fats and vitamins and minerals for overall long-term health.

How To Eat Eggs:
I like making a vegetable packed omelet or simply hard boiling them for a quick snack.

Healthy Food Swap:
Besides grass fed beef or wild salmon or mackerel, there really isn’t another food packed with protein and healthy fats like eggs.

#6. Coconut Oil:

Yes, coconut oil is full of saturated fats, but that’s a good thing as it’s the medium chained triglyceride (aka MCT) kind. This type of fat produces healthy energy for the body, improves brain health, and is not shown to enter the cholesterol cycle in the body, meaning it doesn’t increase bad cholesterol.

How To Eat Coconut Oil:
Due to its high smoking point, meaning it won’t oxidize in heat like many other oils, I use coconut oil for cooking over heat. I also add it to my morning coconut oil coffee for a healthy brain power and focus boost. Here’s a video I shot showing you how to make coconut oil coffee.

Healthy Food Swap:
For cooking over heat, avocado oil has a higher smoke point without the high omega 6 like that found in vegetable oils. For your coffee, you could also add grass fed butter if you can handle the dairy.

That’s it Live Lean Nation.

Nobody want’s to spend hours in the kitchen every day preparing healthy food.

So if you want to simplify your diet while still eating super healthy, focus on adding in these 6 to your diet everyday.

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I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

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