How To Make Ridiculously Healthy Breakfasts #LLTV


Meat and Nuts Breakfast Options

Get ready to increase your productivity, dial in your mental focus, and feel more sustained energy throughout the day.

Alright, breakfast or meal #1, regardless of what you call it, or what time you eat it, the first thing you eat during the day plays a huge role in dictating how you’ll feel and perform physically and mentally throughout the day.

In other words, the foods you eat for breakfast can set you up to either feel a high level of sustained energy like an…

Olympic Athlete…

Jessica Rumbaugh

…or energy dips and crashes like a…



They can also keep you mentally dialled in and focused throughout the day like a…

Productive Fortune 500 CEO…

Fortune 500 CEO

…or like a…

Scatter-brained 5-Year-Old On A Sugar High

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.57.32 AM

I’ve done videos on this before, but when it comes to breakfast, what has worked best for me and many other athletes, entrepreneurs, and 9-5 office workers, is a breakfast high in protein and fat, and low in blood spiking carbohydrates.

I first read about this style of breakfast called the Meat and Nuts breakfast from strength coach Charles Poliquin.

Charles Poliquin

The meat and nuts breakfast was Coach Poliquin’s best tip for achieving optimal lean body composition.

I began incorporating the Meat and Nuts Breakfast…

…into my diet just over 2 years ago. Before, then I usually followed the typical bodybuilder breakfast of oats and egg whites. This always left me feeling even more hungry, and I found my energy levels lower throughout the day.

Since incorporating the meat and nuts breakfast, I’ve personally found it helps me stay focused, has increased my productivity, has helped provide me with sustained energy, and keeps me feeling full up until the late afternoon.

On one of my recent daily vlogs over at BradGouthroTV (you are subscribed there right), I showed you how I made my meat and nuts breakfast in just 7 minutes. These daily vlogs at my second channel, BradGouthroTV, include clips of our workouts and the foods we eat daily. So be sure you’re subscribed to that channel as well to get an insider lifestyle view of how Jessica and I Live Lean.

The reason why the meat and nuts breakfast keeps you feeling full is…

…because protein and fat are very satiating. These foods also raise two important neurotransmitters involved in mental focus: dopamine and acetly-l choline.

To put it simply, neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that communicate information throughout your body. So they tell your lungs to breath, your stomach to digest food, and they can also affect mood, your weight, your sleep, and so much more.

In addition to keeping you full, the energy boosting meat & nuts breakfast provides protein and healthy fats to allow your blood sugar to steadily rise and remain balanced as opposed to a quick rise and drop like your typical cereal would.

If eating meat and nuts for breakfast sounds weird to you…

…start on a Saturday when you’re not as rushed in the morning. I’m telling you…

You’ll love the increased energy, focus, mental clarity, and the feeling of NOT feeling hungry all day.

Meat and Nuts Breakfast Food Combinations:

Meat and Nuts Breakfast Options
Here’s a table of numerous foods that you can simply combine to create a new Meat and Nuts breakfast so you can rotate every day to avoid boredom and decrease potential food sensitivities.

*NOTE: if you have allergies to Nuts, simply substitute avocado or a low glycemic fruit from the list above.

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Questions For You:

– What did you have for breakfast this morning?

– Do you follow a high protein and fat meal plan?

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87 responses to “How To Make Ridiculously Healthy Breakfasts #LLTV

  1. I eat every morning overnight oats, I absolutely love it!!! I use steel cut
    oats (Bob’s Red Mill) black chia seeds, almond vanilla honey milk, then I
    add frozen blueberries, or frozen mango chunks. You can actually use any
    fruit as long as it’s frozen, the reason why is because it sits in the
    refrigerator over night (hence the name) and in the morning before work ill
    add more almond milk if needed and then I sprinkle cinnamon, ginger, and
    nutmeg and a very small amount of agave syrup for taste, (but not all the
    time) to the oats and then they’re good to go. You can heat them or eat
    them cold you can find recipes for overnight oats everywhere. I love them
    because I get my whole grains, antioxidants, vitamins, basically a lot of
    healthy stuff.

  2. I had , carrot, zucchini, 1/2 onion, brussil sprouts, 1/4 green pepper, and
    3 egg frittata. used about 1/2 Tbsp avocado oil to cook it with.

  3. I don’t know the name of the food so i will tell you it i took whole wheat
    bread and made a hole in the middle of it then i put it on the stove putt
    it on mild then putt a egg in the middle let it cook.

  4. The winner of the cookbook (Agneiszka Dudek) asks when are you coming to
    the UK? As somebody who also lives in the UK hope that you let us know if
    you are over here.

  5. Your video editing is giving me a headache. Except to save time why do
    that? It is unnatural. Also some time you might consider looking at the
    teeth of your cat or dog. Do your teeth look like any carnivore on the
    planet? No. Humans are not designed to eat meat period. You are wrong on
    that one.

  6. I had oatmeal with one apple and some organic, salt free, sugar free peanut
    butter and a smoothie made of kale, banana and homemade fresh pear juice

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  8. Great stuff man! I am former US Marine non-commission officer and Korean
    Karate Champ. Now Christian Evangelist Jese on the show called jesse and
    angeal love show on Youtube. Thank your for all the healthy pointers and

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    You can be a Christian or a racist. You can not be both!

  11. 3 slices uncured bacon and 2 eggs from my chickens, usually I have sweet
    potatoe hash, but I need to save the few I have for the bolognese.

  12. It is fascinating how many people are addicted to meat and don’t even
    realize it. :/

    My first meal of the day is two pieces of peanut butter toast and a bowl of
    fresh fruit (usually grapes, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon,
    bananas, and an apple). Sometimes I’ll add steel cut oats with a banana
    and cinnamon. And I always put down a liter of water before I ever take a

  13. I had an egg with sauted mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, a little bit of
    cheddar on it. Then half a banana and berry smoothie with semi-skimmed
    milk ;P

  14. I’m back to doing IF these days (it just works better for me, I don’t feel
    I obsess about food as much) so my first meal will be at lunch time: tuna
    (tuna, olive oil, lemon juice, pepper, cumin, red peppers, onion) with 6
    rice crackers and a bowl of vegetable soup.

  15. I made for my week 8oz of geound turkey with onions garlic a habanero
    pepper and some spices like chilly flakes cayenne pepper tumeric black
    pepper and a pinch of salt.. with 9 eggs and i split it for 5 days then im
    pairing that with a couple raspberries mixed with pecans.

  16. I had a protein shake with raspberries half a banana one cup unsweetened
    vanilla almond milk and Vanilla Pea protein

  17. What did you eat this morning for your first meal? I had salmon patties and
    spinach in coconut oil with a side of almonds.

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