3 Ways To Upgrade Your Breakfast


3 Quick Breakfast Recipes To Live Lean

Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode of Live Lean TV I’m showing you how to upgrade your bacon and eggs breakfast.

Meat & Nuts Breakfast = Protein, Fat, Fiber (PFF) Breakfast

Alright, I’ve done numerous episodes on why you should start the day with the meat and nuts breakfast. I learned about this protocol from Charles Poliquin.

Essentially the meat and nuts breakfast strategy is simply…

Eating a breakfast high in protein, healthy fat, and fiber.

Lets call it the PFF breakfast.

Now, the key to getting results from the PFF breakfast just like with everything Live Lean related, is consistency.

Consistency creates lifestyle habits, and lifestyle habits create life-long results.

However most people confuse consistency with the process of eating the same types of food, prepared the exact same way, everyday. If that’s your definition of consistency, you’re bound to get bored and resort back to the box of Raisin Bran.

The #1 consistency killer is boredom.

My definition of consistency is following the big picture, which in this case is a breakfast high in foods containing protein, fat, and fiber. Consistency is NOT eating the same cut of steak and the same nuts prepared the same way EVERYDAY. It’s important to have variety in our diet not only to reduce boredom, but also to get a variety of nutrients in our diet.

So with that said, never get bored of eating the same breakfast again…

3 ways to upgrade your Meat and Nuts breakfast:

#1. Vary the TYPES of protein and how you PREPARE it:

The best sources of protein are those high in essential amino acids, especially the prime muscle building amino acid, Leucine.

This includes: eggs, beef, chicken, turkey, fish and seafood.

One day have beef for breakfast, another day have chicken for breakfast, etc. Simply use the leftovers from last night’s dinner and add it to your breakfast. Rather than just frying up your steak with boring spices, cook this delicious steak recipe for dinner in bulk and then enjoy it again for breakfast:

Recipe to Upgrade Your Beef:

Upgrade Your Steak Recipe
1. Stir together the following mixture and marinate a flank or skirt steak in it for 30 mins:
– Juice of 1 lemon
– Juice of 1 lime
– 1 tbsp chopped fresh parsley
– Dash of sea salt and black pepper
2. Add steak to high heat pan and grill/fry for 3 mins per side.
3. Top with a mixture of melted coconut oil and hot sauce.

#2. Vary the TYPES of fat and how you PREPARE it:

There are many different types of nuts that all have different micronutrient properties and different flavors. It’s important to have a variety. Try pistachios, macadamias, or pine nuts. Or skip the nuts and go with other fat sources like avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, or add in a few eggs. But rather doing the standard scrambled eggs, lets upgrade you to poached eggs. It’s quick, simple, and easy. Try this poached egg recipe:

Recipe to Upgrade Your Eggs:

Poached Eggs Recipe
1. Boil water in a pot while adding 1 tbsp of vinegar.
2. Crack shell and slowly add egg to boiling water.
3. Let egg cook for 3 minutes.
4. Remove egg with a slotted spoon and enjoy.

Or you could use a poached egg pan like this one:

poached eggs

#3. Vary the TYPES of fiber and how you PREPARE it:

If you’re sick of eating chunks of stir-fryed brocolli, make cauliflower mash. You won’t even notice the difference between this and mash potatoes, although your waistline will. Follow our simple cauliflower mash recipe on our Team Live Lean inner circle members site.
Cauliflower Mash Recipe

Bottom Line:

I’m not expecting you to do all this cooking in the morning.

3 Ways To Upgrade Your Breakfast

It’s all about prepping your food in advance and storing it in your fridge for leftovers.

Preparation equals success. It may take a little more effort in the beginning, but once you see the results, it’ll become just another lifestyle habit.

Turn On Your Body’s Fat Burning Switch

If you’re confused at what breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to eat, go check out my paleo cookbook for over 200 quick, healthy, easy, affordable, and delicious paleo recipes. You can find it at LiveLeanCookbook.com. And don’t forget to pick up the 8 week meal plan as well!


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It’s amazing the tasty snacks and meals you can come up with, using ALL READ HEALTHY INGREDIENTS!

I pity those “dieters” ruining their sustainable chances of Living Lean by eating boring foods.



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25 responses to “3 Ways To Upgrade Your Breakfast

  1. I have issues with breakfast… I always feel so sick in the morning its so
    hard to keep food down just the taught of food makes me nauseated I know I
    should eat protein but the thought of putting a animal in my mouth is to
    much wich is why I always eat just crackers any advise for people who have
    a problem eating

  2. I used to think high Protein diets were the way to go in terms of getting
    lean and fit, but people tend to forget how acidic animal products are on
    your body. That’s why I try to eat vegan and follow a plant based diet
    since fruit and vegetables are very alkaline. Plus, a vegan diet gives you
    a healthy glow, something which high protein diets won’t ever do.

  3. I always seem to have trouble wirh dinner.. i get home late and like to go
    ro sleep early. I’m ro hungry to skip dinner but at 7pm it’s late to start
    cooking. I was thinking about shakes but i dont know if that would be a
    good idea.

  4. This morning I had leftover Popeye’s Fried Chicken…skin removed…put the
    pieces of chicken breast in a pan with a sliced HB egg, chalets, onion
    season mix and a dab of cream. 5 min, Bam! …very tasty and low carb. And
    I didn’t buy the chicken …the household food waster did. You can use the
    food wasters castoffs if you know how to get the trash calories off of it
    or separate it from the trash calories.

  5. silly question, but how would you reheat the steak? In the microwave?
    Anytime I do that it always comes out hard and chewy. Any suggestions?
    Thanks and great video!

  6. Struggle with breakfast, often don’t have enough time to cook a meal, and I
    end up taking a shake on the go

  7. You need to come over with Jess and I will make the both of you some coconut flour waffles and grass-fed beef bacon!! Bring some eggs YO!

    (Nice YouTube Space video!!)

  8. oh no, I accidentally hit the dislike button, my cat jumped on the table
    and moved my hand. I clicked it again so I hope it came off. I did enjoy
    your video.

  9. I have finally got my meals all figured out. You two have been a big part
    of that. I am lucky, I don’t get tired of meals very easily. I do change
    up my protein and the nuts each day as well. I also have a different type
    of tea each morning as well. I just make subtle changes each day. Great
    tips. Thanks for the vid.

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