How To Make Protein Pancakes

How To Make Protein Pancakes

Apple Oat Cinnamon Protein Pancakes Recipe Video

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we’re cooking another healthy, quick, and delicious high protein breakfast. This one will help you start your day with satiating muscle building proteins and energy producing complex carbohydrates.

This is pretty much the opposite of what boxed cereal will do for you.

Boxed cereal is void of high quality protein and the carbohydrates come from refined sugars that will have your blood sugar levels bouncing all over the place. This causes your body to produce more insulin (the fat storing hormone) and will actually cause you to be MORE hungry throughout the day.

This is NOT how you live the lean lifestyle.

Live Lean TV is not about boring, bland foods. We add flavor using natural ingredients without adding in fattening sauces or sugary toxins. We’re also not using protein powder in this recipe as I find it can make the pancakes dry.

So are you interested in seeing how to make protein pancakes?

Click the video below to watch me prepare this healthy, delicious, and quick Apple Oat Cinnamon Protein Pancakes Recipe:

Here are the Protein Pancakes ingredients and instructions…


– 6 egg whites
– 1/2 cup of uncooked oats
– 1 tbsp of apple sauce (unsweetened)
– Pinch of cinnamon
– Packet of stevia
– 1 finely diced apple
– cooking spray
– 1/4 tsp of baking soda (optional)


1. Add all the ingredients, except the apple, into the blender. Blend.

2. Heat pan over high heat. Then reduce to medium heat and spray with cooking spray.

3. Add pancake batter and top with apples. Once batter starts to bubble flip.

4. Enjoy!

Apple Oat Cinnamon Protein Pancakes

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Brad Gouthro is the founder of Live Lean TV, a media company focused on helping men and women “Live Lean” 365 days a year. Brad’s programs and content have helped millions of people all over the world learn how to get in shape, and more importantly, sustain it for life.

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  1. Hi Brad,

    I was wondering, what kind of cooking spray are you using? It’s pretty hard to find one natural or organic! Something have to give I guess…

    By the way, thanks for the recipe and it really look good…

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