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The Power Of Repetition In Fitness and Lifestyle Transformation

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Repetition Is Key: Motivational Minute Ep. 004

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a motivational minute talk on the power of repetition in fitness and lifestyle transformation.

This is episode 004 from my Motivational Minute video series.

The Power Of Repetition In Fitness and Lifestyle Transformation

Just like repetitions in the gym are key to building muscle and losing fat, repetition is also key to learning and creating the required Live Lean behaviors.

The idea of Living Lean is probably new to a lot of you.

Therefore, it will take repetitions before these Live Lean behaviors become natural to your everyday lifestyle.

Every time you watch an episode or read a page from one my books, you’re reminding yourself of what needs to be done.

Remember, the Live Lean principles work, only if you work the principles.

Real learning only happens when you absorb the information and more importantly, take action by putting in the work.

I know you know what to do.

So just ask yourself:

“Are you consistently putting the knowledge you’re learning from my videos, into consistent action?”.

If the answer is no, commit to change that and take action today.

If you do this, you will transform your body and health beyond your hopes and dreams.

As the saying goes:

The actions you are most resistant to, are the actions you need to embrace the most.

Bottom line, these years of bad habits will be hard to overcome.

However, when you know what you want, and you believe you can have it, all that’s left is the consistent effort to move towards it.

So go get it!

Here’s Your Next Step: Think And Live Lean

Think And Live Lean

In section three of my book, Think And Live Lean, I provide the following three chapters on how to awaken your power of belief:

  • Chapter 3.1: Building A Strong Belief In Yourself
  • Chapter 3.2: Keeping Track Of Your Life Wins
  • Chapter 3.3: Overcoming Your Fears

At the end of the section, I include “Live Lean Action Steps” to easily apply what you learned into your life, within minutes.

You can get Think And Live Lean as a physical paperback book, e-book, or audiobook here on Amazon.


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