20 Minute Demolish Your Body Fat | HIIT Bodyweight Workout


Bodyweight HIIT Workout To Demolish Your Body Fat

Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m taking you through a 20 min “Demolish Your Body Fat” No Equipment HIIT Workout. This workout includes beginner modifications and can be done outside or at home. Enjoy!

HIIT Demolish Your Body Fat Workout

Rounds: Advanced/Intermediate: 3 rounds. Beginner: 2 rounds.
Rest: Minimal rest between exercises. 2 minutes rest between each round.
Reps: Advanced: 50 reps/exercise. Intermediate: 40 reps/exercise. Beginner: 25 reps/exercise.
A1. Pushups
A2. Jump Lunges
A3. Mountain Climbers
A4. Jump Squats
A5. Speed Skaters

If you’re a beginner, follow along with the given beginner exercise modifications as seen in the video. Next time you do this workout, try progressing with your exercises, rep counts, or rest periods.

Always be improving!

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26 responses to “20 Minute Demolish Your Body Fat | HIIT Bodyweight Workout

  1. Just finished. 40 reps each, 3 times. Nothing like jelly arm pushups to let
    you know you are pushing the limits of yourself. Now it is time to enjoy
    the afterburn. Thanks Brad, you hit another one out of the park.

  2. Ok….I just did the workout…and I’m laying on the floor for a
    while..maybe I’ll stay here till the morning…lol.. Definitely not an
    everyday workout. I aimed for 50 on most reps… Couldn’t do last round
    thpugh. Definitely a challenge and something to work up to. My arms are on

  3. Hi Brad love your videos. What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting?
    Can you make a video about this subject? Thanks?

  4. (1) In the press ups you give an alternative of being on your knees but you
    have your feet in the air…I always advise people to keep their toes on
    the ground ALSO as it keeps the pressure out of their lower back (2) in the
    alternative for the squats you tend to bring your bum below the knee
    height…again in a cardio-squat (not a weight-lifting squat) I would tend
    to tell people to keep their bum above the knee height as the fast movement
    could put pressure on the knees..just wondering what you thought of that or
    if you think its just “balloni” (spelt?) x

  5. Hi Brad and Jess, greetings from Germany! 🙂 I look forward to your vids
    every single day it’s normally in the evening here when you load them up,
    so I watch them when I’m relaxing 🙂 I have a quick question: I’ll be on
    vacation for 4 weeks and I’m taking resistance bands with me and ankle
    weights. Once we are there I’m going to buy a big water jug 10kg. What
    would you advise me to do not to lose muscle? The nutrition part is
    actually the easiest for me I got used to “living lean” 🙂 Thank you for

  6. legit stuff Brad!! I’ve been trying to find out what sunscreen is the most
    effective without all the nasty stuff in it. Appreciate the help

  7. Lol this won’t help anyone lose fat. I could do this workout 5 times a day
    and never see any results if I keep eating 10 boxes of donuts and 3
    pizzas!! Fix diet first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 90% of weight loss cones from
    proper dietary choices. After a proper dietary change, then start exercises
    like these for better results.

  8. Hey Brad. This looks good!!! Now I have a question. Can I do this routine
    on an empty stomach? If not, what would be the best to eat 30 minutes
    before. My goal is keep burning fat. I am still fighting this last bit of
    fat in my lower belly. In the future I’d love to see a video related to
    this topic; how to burn the last few pounds of fat.
    Thanks a lot for ur videos brother. The best!!!!!!!!!

  9. What’s it like on that sports turf why they even have that in California’
    isn’t it way hotter than gras?

  10. Hey brah great vid, but isn’t training to failure (high reps, etc) counter
    productive or less than ideal (not to mention over training joints,
    muscles) if you are aiming to get that shrink-wrapped, less bulky look? At
    least that’s what I’ve been led to believe, but i could be wrong.
    Nonetheless I’ll give this work out a Go! Cheers for this

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