Body Recomposition Lactic Acid Workout #LLTV


Burn Fat While Building Muscle With This Lactic Acid Workout

Live Lean Nation, most people think you can’t burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Trust me it’s HARD’¦but it can be done. It’s called body recomposition training using Lactic Acid workout principles. Now don’t be afraid or overwhelmed with the terminology. Simply watch the video above and follow the Lactic Acid workout instructions below and you’ll quickly learn what I mean when I say “Lactic Acid”.

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Lactic Acid Workout

Lactic Acid Workout

A1. Wide Stance Barbell Squats (heels elevated) x 6

A2. Narrow Stance Barbell Squats x 6

A3. Leg Press x 12

A4. Jump Lunges x 40 (20 per side)

No more than 10 sec rest between A1-A4. Rest 3 mins after giant set. Repeat 1-3 more times. Move on to B1-B4.

B1. Narrow Stance Standing Calf Raise x 6

B2. Wide Stance Standing Calf Raise x 6

B3. Wide Feet Leg Press Calf Press x 12

B4. Narrow Feet Leg Press Calf Press x 20

No more than 10 sec rest between B1-B4. Rest 3 mins after giant set. Repeat 1-3 more times.

Total Workout Time: 25 mins, 35 mins, or 45 mins (for 2, 3, 4 sets respectively).

30 responses to “Body Recomposition Lactic Acid Workout #LLTV

  1. *liked* for Bob Marley shirt….lol.
    Let them work in, unless it’s a group of 3 buddies working out together –
    oh hell no. 9 minute rest anyone?

  2. Hey Brad, Can you do some research on the following workouts and comment?
    Hypertrophy Specific Training
    Super Slow (Eccentric and concentric)
    Body By Science (Super hard work out once per 7 – 10 days)

    I find that my best work outs are at the beginning of a new 8 week cycle. I
    switch up the type of exercises and training style and even though I go
    back to lower weight higher reps, I am super sore that week but then my
    body adapts and I don’t get the same effect. I really like the lactic acid
    workout you outline here and think it is very similar to some of the above.

    Any thoughts and comments are appreciated!

    1. I did supersets – not your exact workout but here’s what I did and I really felt it more the next day than usual. AWESOME post Brad, legs supersets kicked my butt!!

      hamstring curls
      quad lifts
      seated leg press
      seated calf press

      hip adductor
      hip abductor

      dumbbell forward lunge

      Then finished up with some step up convicts, couple balance moves off the plyo box, some single leg squats holding dumbbells…and was pouring sweat and beat after an hour of all that.

  3. Do I still need to be in a caloric deficit to achieve both of these goals?
    I thought that in order to lose fat you should be in a calorie deficit or
    if you want to build muscle you should be in a caloric surplus. By the way,
    I’ve voting for you since day 1, hope you win, good luck!

  4. Good luck!! I’ve voted and will keep voting. You always have great material
    and awesome advice and workouts. You truly deserve it!! =D

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