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My Inspiration Behind Creating Live Lean TV

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My Inspiration Behind Creating Live Lean TV

Back in 2011, something finally clicked.

After a year of consistently dialing in my nutrition and tracking my workouts, the journey eventually became easier.

Not easier from an effort standpoint, easier from a lifestyle perspective.

After consistently putting in the work for over a year, the repetitive healthy behaviors finally turned into habits.

I no longer had to force myself to go to the gym or struggle to find time to cook healthy food.

Subconsciously, the decision was already made, so just like being on auto-pilot, you just get it done.

Think about it, do you contemplate whether to brush your teeth or not?

No, it’s a habit, so you just do it.

Brad Gouthro Before After

Working out and eating healthy became a habit

Based on these consistent actions, not only did my body and energy levels improve, so did my confidence.

I also noticed many different people in the gym locker rooms consistently asking me the secrets to maintain my physique all year round.

It was clear, the common mindset of most people, was exercising and dieting for short-term results.

In other words, you diet and exercise to look good for an occasion, like a wedding or tropical vacation.

After that, it was back to old habits.

Eating whatever was easiest and going to the gym only when you felt like it.

During my journey, my mindset shifted to a different approach towards fitness and health.

After many early failures in my journey, it became clear to me that long-term results do not come from short-term starvation diets and countless hours of cardio.

The thing that hit home for me was when I shifted my mindset to making health and fitness a part of my lifestyle.

I eat and train. I don’t diet and exercise.

Training to be an athlete of life was my philosophy.

The mindset was 365 days a year.

So after hearing the same short-term fitness struggles from so many different people, I was inspired to share my journey with the world.


And that’s why I created Live Lean TV

There were two common denominators that people struggled with most when it came to sustainable health and fitness.

  1. People lack structure with their health because they’re confused about all the conflicting information.
  2. People are frustrated by the lack of sustainable results from crash diets and poorly designed workouts.

To help clear up all this confusion, I’ve literally shared everything that has worked for me and my clients on Live Lean TV.

It’s my hope, that other people can take what I’ve learned, and apply it to their current situation, to create a sustainable, long-term, healthy lifestyle.

I’ve also faced a lot of the same struggles and frustrations as you are, during my early journey.

The biggest struggle I faced was eating the wrong foods and focusing on the wrong types of exercises.

Like most people, I thought the best way to lose belly fat was to drastically cut calories and focus on eating “low fat” food to create a big calorie deficit.

I would also spend hours on the cardio machines and on the gym floor doing crunches.

Obviously I was doing it all wrong.

But then I started seeing results once I stopped consuming information from 50 different sources, and focused on the information of one trainer that was getting the results I wanted.

I invested a lot of money into his program and that was the clarity and structure that I needed to transform.

That’s why I’m always directing my viewers to invest in yourself and follow a structured program designed by someone who is getting the results you want.

This program will give you plan to eat the right types of foods, in the right quantities.

It should also provide focus on the best exercises and training styles that create a fat burning and muscle building hormonal response in the body.

Brad Gouthro

I mean, lets be real, if you want abs, you already them

The problem is that thick layer of belly fat the accumulates after years of poor nutrition and lack of movement.

So if six pack abs and a flat stomach are your goal, follow a program to lose body fat.

This can be accomplished with the right nutrition plan, the proper exercises and training styles, and proper recovery.

I remember when I first learned that crunches and sit ups are essentially a waste of time if you have too much belly fat.

The reason is they do not create enough of a calorie burn to burn belly fat.

Once you burn off the belly fat, then it’s time to focus on direct ab training exercises to sculpt and define your abs.

And then there’s nutrition

I also remember when it came to nutrition, I learned fat loss and body recomposition is not just about calories in calories out.

Yes, that’s important at the end of the day, but what’s also important is eating the right types of foods to create a hormonal response in the body to burn fat while preserving muscle.

In order to do this, your metabolism requires the right types of protein, healthy fat, carbohydrates, and the often forgotten micronutrients, vitamins and minerals, and of course, water.

When you starve yourself, you slow down your metabolic rate, you burn less calories, your hunger hormones get out of whack, and your blood sugar levels drop, which then leads to a big junk food binge.

Eating high quality food to fuel the body creates a fat burning machine.

Severely depriving yourself of calories and nutrients along with excessive cardio every day, leads you to become a weaker, energy-less, skinnier fat person.

This is the biggest mistake people make during their journey.

Too many drastic changes to their lifestyle that are not sustainable over the long-term.

All the fitness and nutrition concepts I’ve learned were meant to create a healthy long-term lifestyle that anyone, regardless of sex, age, or fitness level, can implement.

Brad Gouthro

Living Lean is a lifestyle, not a short-term fad.

I don’t live in the gym.

In fact, I typically spend 45-60 minutes a day working out.

Excessive cardio can actually have the opposite affect on losing fat.

It can burn into muscle and spike the production of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Since muscle is the key metabolic driver of the body, the more you have, the more calories you’ll burn throughout the day.

So if your goal is weight loss, re-frame this to make your goal being losing weight from stored body fat, while preserving lean muscle.

That’s what I call body recomposition.

Burning muscle to lose weight is not a sustainable approach as muscle is the key to burning fat for life.

And I’ll leave you with this.

There are so many real world examples of people that were in much worse condition than you, that have figured out a way to turn their life around.

They did this by having a strong why and belief in themselves.

Living Lean can work for anyone, regardless of sex, age, or fitness level.

It all starts with the first step, which leads to another step, etc.

With consistency, you’ll also be on a path, just like I was, to create long-term, sustainable results.

Once you believe you have the potential, everything else will fall into place.

So if you’re still not following a Live Lean program, check out our program selector quiz to find to discover the best workout and nutrition program based on your goals, your fitness level, and your access to equipment.

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