6 Body-Weight Exercises You’re Doing Wrong #LLTV


Best Bodyweight Exercises Done Right!

Live Lean Nation, as a trainer, it’s in my nature to observe the style of workouts and techniques other people use in the gym. For example, last Friday was bodyweight training day for me. During my rest periods, a young guy caught my attention. His was full of energy, he was moving fast, sweat was coming down, etc. He reminded me of a young version of myself. However one thing was off.

His technique was poor. I remember thinking to myself, this is the kind of person I’d train for free. Someone who wants it, and is willing to work his butt off to get it…but he’s just missing out on using the proper technique to really get results.

For instance, his form was bad. His tempo was way off. And I could tell he really wasn’t contracting and firing his muscles.

That gave me an idea for today’s episode of Live Lean TV, “6 Body-Weight Exercises You’re Doing Wrong“. I see so many people continually doing these 6 popular bodyweight exercises with bad form. Not only will bad form give you bad results, it’ll also put you at greater risk of energy (as can be seen in the episode)!

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Questions For You:

– Do you do these 6 bodyweight exercises with correct form?
– How many of them do you do wrong?


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17 responses to “6 Body-Weight Exercises You’re Doing Wrong #LLTV

  1. Good tips and presentation. I think i need to workout in front of a mirror or something cause i can
    never tell if my form is right! Thank you.

  2. I don’t know but this is comedy at the same time very helpful for people
    like us. 🙂 haha.. I love this channel. <3

  3. great episode! I giggled a couple times too! perfectly informative and
    entertaining — that’s infotainment baybee! xo

  4. You’re doing this video because you love to help us out – and make us
    laugh!!! 🙂
    I think i need to workout in front of a mirror or something cause i can
    never tell if my form is right!

  5. Hey brad I love watching your videos but I was wondering can you make a
    video about how to live lean while having a cold. Thank you and love your
    videos keep them coming, really and inspiration to me.

  6. Great video as always. hey Brad I’m a member of team lean but I can log in. can you help me please ..

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