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No Math Weight Loss

You don’t need to be a mathematician to lose weight.

I’m sure you’ve counted calories before, but you don’t ever have to count them again.

How to Lose Weight without counting calories

As you probably know weight loss can be tricky. In the olden days of fitness people used to believe it was as simple as “Eat Less and Move More” or in other words the Law of Energy Balance. The amount of calories you eat, minus the amount you burn indicates whether you will gain or lose weight.

And this is correct, to some degree, most of the time.

It requires you to diligently count each portion of food you intake plus the burn from your activity, and factor it all into an equation that is nothing more than a rough estimate even on a good day. It’s not that this never works, Time and time again I’ve seen it work, I’ve experienced it working, and for most people, most of the time, it is still true that eating less and moving more is an effective route to weight loss.

The major missing element is within types of food, and types of activity that are overall healthiest and lead to the best and most sustainable long-term results. Not to mention how certain foods and activities can affect our hormones and body chemistry that play a ginormous role in weight loss.

Fat loss is not a simple equation, it’s a complex chemical reaction that depends on many factors, some not even having anything to do with food or exercise.

So we’ve got to stop looking at weight loss through a looking glass, and start to understand the whole picture. I get the temptation to lose weight fast, but I’m tired of seeing so many people yo-yo back and forth due to unsustainable practices. It’s heart breaking to have great weight success then just a few months later be back where you started or worse. Sometimes going off a strict diet can lead to gaining all the weight back and more, and leave you in a terrible metabolic situation.

Brad and I are firm believers that calculating your ideal daily intake in terms of calories and macronutrient percentages DOES have it’s value. It’s actually incredibly valuable as a learning tool when it’s time to CHANGE your habits and change your body. We firmly believe that a daily deficit larger than -300 calories per day is unsustainable and a one-way ticket to a binge fest. Rather than going into starvation mode, you’re much better off chipping away at your excess weight over time by being consistent and diligent toward your goals. This leads to long-term success.

Once your goal body is achieved, it’s time to learn maintenance mode. That’s what we call living lean 365. By adopting healthy habits and working out because you love it, eating healthy because it tastes good, and maintaining that positive mindset because you feel great, you’ll have no problem staying lean and low-fat all year around for the rest of your life.

So, if you are just starting your live lean journey and you have more than 5-10lbs of body fat to lose I DO want you to figure out your daily nutrition goals in terms of calories and macronutrients that are at the right level for your body type and goals. If you do enjoy math then by all means calculate it up yourself! There are lots of great Basal Metabolic Rate and Macronutrient calculators available for free online. If you HATE doing math and would rather be told exactly what to eat by an expert then use the link in the description box below to apply for Live Lean Custom Coaching.

We’ve been helping clients figure out their baselines for many years now and they are always so grateful and pleased with our plans because we DO NOT promote starvation diets or unsustainable practices. With your customized live lean plan you’ll be eating tons of delicious foods and exercising in a way that you enjoy. I want to further emphasize that our custom plans come with pre-calculated actual food meals so that you never have to do any math at all! It’s not just a page with a bunch of complicated numbers. We focus on what you should eat and then provide the numbers next to it so you can see how each meal fits into your daily total. Just eat the meals in the amounts given and you’ll be automatically hitting your goal macros and calories. It could not be simpler.

And that is how we achieve no-math weight loss. There’s some math, but none that you’ll ever have to worry about. And we certainly don’t want you counting anything on a daily basis.

So hurry up and apply for coaching, we have limited spots available and will respond to your application as soon as possible.

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