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No Gym No Problem Outdoor Workout Motivation

Workout inspiration to just move your body

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing an inspiring, No Gym No Problem Outdoor Workout Motivation video, that I filmed with a professional production company.

The concept behind this inspirational video was to motivate people to stop making excuses and just move your body.

During filming the production company, Jive Photographic, asked me to come up with some crazy exercises, that turned out to be more like stunts.

If I had one of two missteps on some of these stunts, I would have been done for.

For example, check out the picture of me below, hanging off the railing over the water!

Yes, that’s me.

I was doing pull ups over a very polluted part of the ocean, called the Halifax Harbour.

Just check out this post on the Halifax Harbor to learn how polluted and unhealthy it is.

No Gym No Problem Outdoor Workout Motivation

I definitely got out of my comfort zone for this project.

But I think it all paid off in the end.

No broken bones, only a few scratches, but all in all, I’m in one piece.

So hopefully my life insurance company doesn’t watch this and cancel from my policy.

If they do, it was worth it as I’m so excited for you to see this.


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No gym, no problem.

I hope this No Gym No Problem Outdoor Workout Motivation video inspires you, that it’s possible to get a workout in, anywhere, no excuses!

The outdoors is your playground.

So without further ado, enjoy the video, and show some love by clicking the social media buttons to share it with your friends.

Jive Photographic put a lot of effort into producing this, and I put my life on the line for a few of these moves.

Enjoy my new video: No Gym No Problem Outdoor Workout Motivation

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3 responses to “No Gym No Problem Outdoor Workout Motivation

  1. Brad, I love the video. You do such an incredible job with your team – keep it up. I can’t decide which clip I like best: burpees on top the sculpture or the jumps onto the pillars.

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