A Simple Tip to Burn an Extra 630 Calories #LLTV


How To Easily Burn More Calories In A Day

Live Lean Nation, sometimes even the easiest lifestyle habits can have a positive impact on your journey to Live Lean. On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m going to share one of these live lean lifestyle hacks, and it truly is one of the easiest ways to burn 630 extra calories. And it has nothing to do with exercising.

But before I reveal today’s live lean lifestyle hack. Let me give you a couple hints to see if you can guess it.

“Desk jockies”.
“Keyboard rangers”.
“Couch potatoes”.

Based on these hints, let me know what your guesses are in the comment section below.

Alright, according to Women’s Health, a new study at the University of Chester found that people who stand rather than sit, raise their heart rate enough to burn an extra 0.7 calories per minute.

0.7 calories per minute. Now I know what you’re thinking…Brad, that’s tiny!

But hold on. Lets run the numbers and think big picture.

How To Burn An EXTRA 630 Calories

If you stand up for an hour…you would burn 42 EXTRA calories per hour.

If you stood for 3 hours a day…you’d burn 126 EXTRA calories a day.

And when you spread that over the 5 days in the business week…it would be equal to burning 630 EXTRA calories a week!

To put that 630 calorie burn in perspective…

…that is the equivalent of doing one intense Live Lean Afterburn style workout a week or two 30 minute conventional workouts. Just from standing rather than sitting.

Starting to look good right?

Now I’m not saying to log every minute you’re standing vs sitting a day in your journal. But I am saying to be more aware and take advantage of staying on your feet whenever you can.

It’s all about moving your body as much as possible.

We were not meant to be…

…hunched over at an office desk for 10 hours a day

…sitting in a car for 2 hours a day

…sitting on the couch for 3 hours a day.

Here are a few simple ways to stand more during the day:

Ask your boss for a stand up desk in the office.

– Schedule walking meetings.

– While watching your favorite TV show, stand until the first commercial break, sit, then repeat.

– Stand on the subway or bus to work.

– Stand up when you’re on the phone or checking emails on your smartphone.

There are many simple ways to do this.

Bottom line…

Living lean just isn’t about getting in your workouts. It’s about making healthier decisions. Just be more aware that even the little things, like staying on your feet, can add up to a healthier lifestyle over the long-term.

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Leave a comment below to let me know if you’ve ever heard of the Afterburn Effect? Do you follow this style of Afterburn workouts?

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38 responses to “A Simple Tip to Burn an Extra 630 Calories #LLTV

  1. Hey, +Brad Gouthro : I saw this study on a BBC special–my work purchased
    me an ergonomic desk on their bill because it’s considered a health issue.
    I’ve been standing on the train to work (40 minutes each trip) and 5-6
    hours at work and I feel so great. Let the people know their work places
    may help them out (I paused the video to type, so you may have mentioned
    that). Good work.

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  2. I work in a grocery store, constantly on my feet for 4, 6, 8 or more hours
    at work, then walking to work from home and vice versa. Walk home is 30
    minutes uphill and downhill, then working, sitting down for fifteen minutes
    then 30 minutes at lunch (poor little feet and stinky!) it works. I have
    got mean lean legs just from all the walking and standing I do and that is
    with out working them out. When I did a few years ago my trainer was
    impressed that I can push alot of weight just with my legs! GET WALKING
    PEOPLE! 🙂

  3. Great vid, Brad. That was a totally unexpected tio and I must say that it
    has helped me to no end. I feel TERRIBLE when I sit down for extended
    periods, so even though my friends find it a bit strange, I stand at every
    given opportunity!

  4. Must be a higher protein diet due to the thermogenic effect of simply
    digesting the protein, meaning that only 70% of the total calories from
    protein can be utilised by the body.

  5. I work at a desk all day. On the hour, each hour I do 6 goblet squats with a 55lb kettle bell. On the half hour I do 20 pushups…all day every day. Feel great.

  6. Hey Brad, I watched a lot of Videos and Recipes of you. I just got one
    question, because i really didn’t get it. Why do you use Oat for your
    Pancakes and stuff. You always say we shouldn’t eat a lot of carbs, but Oat
    has a lot of Carbs, especially when you eat a whole cup. I think they have
    like 50g. So why is oat so much better than flour ? Love you Vids H4r4

    1. Buenas tardes Rafa!De Solbes ya no extraña nada, y de Bono tampoco! Denigrante y vil su actitud de hoy, ¿Pero que se puede esperar de semejantes personajes?… Un beso muy cariñoso Rafa y he estado contigo, con vosotros, de todo corazón HOY…

    2. I am just about half way through the first book with my son who is five now. He is really enjoying it.I would suggest The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. My dad read these aloud to me when I was young and to this day, I think of reading aloud as a family as an act of love. One of the reasons I fell for my husband is because he had the LOR trilogy in the exact bound versions that my dad had (but were destroyed in a fire). Don't underestimate the power of a few lowly hobbits. I have every intention of reading the Hobbit to my boy after Harry Potter.

    3. Why a chant instead of just a ‘boo’?Think about it, when you watch the news.How does a group get a unified message out?How does a group get their message across clearly?How do those who hear it know what the message is?Google occupy chants or fan chants or picket line chants.You know it works, that’s why we all remember them.Hey hey, ho ho, two stroke smoke has got to go!

    4. Stinky: Kelly was the hottest bitch in e 80′s. I fathered an entire army of drain babies over her role in Weird Science… However, the past 20 years have not been kind to her.

    5. SÃ¥ flott blogg du har. Husker ikkje kor eg fant den, var bare pÃ¥ ei bloggrunde, men overskrifta gjorde at eg mÃ¥tte inn Ã¥ sjÃ¥ kva kjekt som skjedde her. :)God tur til Nederland, kose dere. Ha ein fin dag. 🙂

    6. Haha! I hear you on the TV thing. Some of these new shows are a little…strange. And don’t get me started on commercials! I’m always yelling at the TV, “NO!” when they’re trying to sell me things I don’t need. Apparently, you can now get a detergent to wash your washing machine before you wash your clothes. Crazy.

    7. Hoppas det blir nåt av denna gång! Med tanke på Zitius tysta insomnande.Hur stort antal intresserade behövs per område, är det 360 i resp område eller varierar det beroende på antal hushåll?Med vänlig hälsning,Mikael C

    8. Hi Donnalee,Gail & I had such a great time in Wellfleet with you. I think you are pretty hard on yourself sometimes. You were anything but a stick in the mud. I gave a talk today, and mentioned how the Holy Ghost has given you this idea on how to cope using this award winning writing skill you have. All of your readers including myself have learned so much from you about grief. Please continue to write, and me your to do list. I love you so much! Your brother, LJ

  7. Hey i want to lose at least 5 pounds week because i have a party to go too.
    What types of workouts should i do?

  8. Brad, any idea why I would have a “tearing” sensation in my abs when I’m
    doing full body exercises? Not really painful, and I feel fine after, but
    during it feels like actual ripping…..

  9. Next ur gona b telling me to walk to the gym : O haha probably should
    seeing as I stay 2miles from it! Sooo lazy but my workouts r hard on my

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