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3 Rules to Stay Lean And Healthy During the Holidays

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How To Stay Healthy On Vacation, Traveling, And Holidays

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing 3 rules that I personally use to stay lean and healthy during the holidays, on vacation, and while traveling.

With the holidays almost here, one of the number one questions I get is:

“Brad, how do you resist all of the holiday temptations?”

In addition to the holidays, these 3 rules also apply on how to stay healthy on vacation and while traveling.

3 Rules to Stay Lean And Healthy During the Holidays

Here are my 3 rules when it comes to Living Lean over the holidays.

Rule #1. Just Calm Down!

It’s just one day.

For real.

Remember this, because it’s very important.

Living Lean is a lifestyle.

You’re not going to ruin all your hard work with one day of bad eating.

Pizza Eating Food Challenge Mukbang

It take weeks and months and years of bad eating to ruin your gains.

I Follow My “Let Loose” Policy

This is why I have a “let loose” policy on special occasions.

My “let loose” policy consists of forgetting about calories and macros, and just eating any of the foods that are served, as much as you want, until you feel satisfied, but not sick.

I can do this, because I know when I wake up the next day, I’m going to be back on the Live Lean train.

That’s called commitment, and as a Live Leaner, I know you’re right there with me.

Rule #2. Get In An Afterburn Style Workout Earlier In The Day

If you’re going to go beast mode for a workout, this is the time to do it.

Afterburn style training using big compound multi-joint lifts, such as squats, deadlifts, and presses, is the best way for you to rapidly increase your metabolism.

Afterburn Effect Workouts

This allows your body to burn more calories, at a higher rate, and burn off those excess calories.

This will help you burn more glycogen in the muscle cells, so more nutrients from your meal can be stored for good.

Your workout needs to be more than a typical 15 minute ride on the elliptical cardio machine.

I recommend you do one of my workouts from my Live Lean Afterburn workout program, if you have access to a gym.

Or, if you’re on the road and visiting family, use one of my Live Lean 15 no equipment bodyweight only workouts.

It’s time to go beast mode.

Rule #3. Eat A Satiating Snack Or Meal 1-2 Hours Before Your Big Meal

This pre-meal should consist of:

A big ass salad is a great pre-meal example.

A good option would be to add the following to your salad:

3 Secrets to make Freaking Awesome Salad

This pre-big meal salad will keep your hunger in check, so you can enjoy 1-2 cookies and be satisfied versus going bananas on the whole plate of cookies.

Bottom Line On The 3 Rules to Stay Lean And Healthy During the Holidays

Once again, Living Lean is a lifestyle.

It’s not a “I’m on a diet this week”, so I can only drink water and eat celery type fads.

Trust me, you don’t want to be that fitness freak that is missing out on spending the holidays with family and friends, because there may be alcohol and treats there.

Having balance is what allows us Live Leaners to rock it 365 days a year.

Trust me, once you get to that Live Lean mindset, your body will change forever.

Lastly, thank you for:

Keep Living Lean and Happy Holidays to you and your family.


Damn that’s good!

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Questions Of The Day:

  • Which of these 3 rules are you going to employ this holiday season?
  • Do you already follow any of these ways to stay lean and healthy over the holidays?

Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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21 responses to “3 Rules to Stay Lean And Healthy During the Holidays

  1. Good on you Brad. That takes a real load off my mind. Just to be able to
    calm down and splurge every now and then is such a relief. Happy New Year.


  2. Whenever I have a treat or have a holiday meal I don’t actually ‘️Eat
    properly’ I just “taste” the food so I don’t get stuffed 🙂

  3. 1. eat ALL the sweets!
    2.drink ALL the alcohol!
    3. Regret EVERYTHING the next day!
    4. try not to cry, cry a lot!
    5. take anger on yourself, use it as fuel,
    6. use fuel to conquer the toughest workouts
    7. continue workouts, with clean diet (from next day on) >>>>>
    problem solved =P

  4. Lets be honest …. i’m not going to like using any of those tips. My
    Grandmas oatmeal date cookies are just plan …. THE BEST dame cookies i’ll
    have eaten all year long!!! My wife hates the normal oatmeal date cookies
    but even she goes crazy for these!! Dont worry, that blue monster won’t
    make an appearance this year.

  5. Brad just wondering, the day I have my cheat meal when the workout happened
    after the meal not earlier in the day. Should I still have my post workout
    protein shake? Or it depends on how “bad” the cheat was?

  6. This is how I have been doing it for a few years now. Brad is right, once
    my mind and body got accustomed to eating right and working out daily,
    everything fell into place. Eating right is not a diet. It is a
    lifestyle. I will eat differently through the holidays, as I always have.
    The difference is now it just won’t be as much. I just don’t want to be
    stuffed to the gills anymore. My body rejects that kind of treatment.
    Hehe. I will still do my workouts daily and all will be good. I just make
    a point that if I am going to have a treat, it has to be something worth
    it. Like homemade and something I really like. No store bought treats for
    me. That is my 365 philosophy. Thanks for the great info Brad. It is
    great to have found you and Jess who are on the same line of thinking as
    myself. Its great.

  7. great video.
    So good to hear you say about one bad day doesn’t knock you off course. I
    used to believe it did and felt guilty after eating bad but now my
    relationship with food is much better.
    Enjoy the food and family and then hit the salad and weight bar the
    following day.
    Happy Christmas

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