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Chest Day Workout At The Gym For Mass And Fat Loss

Chest Pumping Giant Set Workout

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a chest day workout at the gym for mass and fat loss.

That’s right, it’s chest day.

This unique style of workout is called HMax lactic acid training.

Since you enjoyed this lactic acid leg workout, I thought I’d also take you into the gym and share the lactic acid chest day workout that I’ve been using during my current phase of training.

But before we hit the gym, make sure you first have the following essentials with you:

I’m just kidding, I really don’t do that last one 😳.

Chest Day Workout At The Gym For Mass And Fat Loss

Get an incredible pump with this lactic acid chest day workout.

Here’s how this chest day workout at the gym for mass and fat loss is structured.

Total Time:

  • 10 minutes if you complete 2 giant sets.
  • 16 minutes if you complete 3 giant sets.
  • 23 minutes if you complete 4 giant sets.

Type Of Workout:

Today’s chest day workout at the gym for mass and fat loss is using the principles of lactic acid training.

If you’ve been training for a while using the standard:

  • 4 exercises per body part
  • 4 sets per exercise
  • 12 reps per exercise
  • 90 second rest periods

You are missing out on all kinds of gains.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone by shocking your body with a new training stimulus.

This chest day workout hits all the different muscle fibers, trains your cardio system, and simultaneously burns stubborn fat while building muscle.

Yes, you can build muscle and burn fat with the right type of hormonal triggers in the body.

This Training Stimulus Is Called Lactic Acid Training

The goal in lactic acid training is to create enough lactic acid build up in the body via strategic exercise, rep range, and rest periods to create a surge of growth hormone.

Growth hormone is key to burning body fat and building muscle.

One of the best ways to accumulate a lot of lactic acid in the body is to perform giant sets.

A giant set is a group of exercises, in this case 4 exercises, completed back-to-back, with as little rest in between sets as possible.

How Much Weight Do I Lift?

The goal is not to set any personal bests regarding the load and weight.

Since this is a giant set, your loads will down.

The number of reps should dictate the weight you should select, so don’t go to crazy with the weight selection, especially if you are completing 4 giant sets.

The key is to select a weight that is challenging, while still allowing you to complete all the reps, with proper form.

The first two chest exercises will be completed for 6 reps.

The third chest exercise will be completed for 12 reps.

The final chest exercise will be completed for 20 reps.


The goal with lactic acid training is to keep the breaks to a minimum during the giant set.

The key to performing giant sets correctly is to set up a circuit station with all the weights ready to go so you can just move from one exercise to the next.

Since you only get a 10 second break between exercises within the chest giant set, you will have the lactic acid pumping through your body.

That’s exactly what you want to feel during this lactic acid chest workout.

  • 10 seconds between exercises within the giant set.
  • 3 minutes at the end of the giant set.


Complete 2-4 giant sets.

If you’re a beginner, repeat it at least one more time, then progress it by completing more giant sets in the following weeks:

  • First Week: complete 2 giant sets
  • Second Week: complete 3 giant sets
  • Third Week: complete 4 giant sets

It’s important to always progressively get better with your workouts.

If you’re more advanced, complete up to a total of 4 giant sets.

Lactic Acid Style Chest Day Workout Exercises:

Here’s how to do each exercise.

Click the links below for a step-by-step exercise demonstration.

A1. Barbell Flat Bench Press

Reps: 6

Rest: 10 seconds

Sets: 2-4

Tempo: 3010

Coaching cues: the first exercise is the barbell flat bench press for 6 reps. After completing the 6 reps, you only have a 10 second break, so move directly to the incline machine chest press.

A2. Incline Machine Chest Press

Reps: 6

Rest: 10 seconds

Sets: 2-4

Tempo: 3010

Coaching cues: complete 6 reps following a slow and controlled tempo. Really focus on feeling the working muscle pumping with every push. After completing 6 reps, during your 10 second break, walk directly to the work station set up for the incline dumbbell fly

A3. Incline Dumbbell Fly

Reps: 12

Rest: 10 seconds

Sets: 2-4

Tempo: 2011

Coaching cues: the next exercise is the incline dumbbell fly for 12 reps. One of the main keys that I like to focus on when completing the incline dumbbell fly is to think about driving my elbows together, at the top of the movement. When you’re coming up during the concentric lift, straighten your arms and try to pull your elbow joints together, as opposed to thinking about bringing the weights together. This will really fire up your pecs. Also make sure you are breathing and feeling the contraction and tension in the muscle for all 12 reps. Take a 10 second break, but don’t go anywhere. The final exercise in this chest giant set is the seated incline dumbbell clean and press.

A4. Seated Incline Dumbbell Clean And Press

Reps: 20

Rest: 3 minutes

Sets: 2-4

Tempo: 2020

Coaching cues: the seated incline dumbbell clean and press exercise is new to most people, so don’t worry if you have never seen it before. While seated in an upright position, clean the dumbbells up to your shoulders, without kicking the dumbbells up with your knees like you would at the beginning of a seated dumbbell shoulder press. Then lean back on the incline bench, press the dumbbells up, then lower the dumbbells back to your knees as you lean forward to get back into the seated upright position.

Not only does this exercise give you a good chest workout, it also really hits your shoulders as you clean the dumbbells up. You’ll also feel a little bit of bicep work, as well as in your abs, since you’re completing a similar movement to a crunch, every time you sit upright. So make sure you are keeping your core tight, engaged, and strong throughout this movement. Complete 20 reps during this final burn.

Take a 3 minute break after completing the 20 reps.

All of that was just one giant set.

Repeat this chest giant set 1-3 times.

Enjoy the lactic acid burn and your new gains.

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  2. Brad what is the purpose of building lactic acid? Could you do a video
    going over it or just respond thnx
    Living lean

  3. thanks Brad. I typically do chest and back same day…can I do this as say 1 giant set but then do another “giant set” or superset of back (pullups, rows, etc.) and go back to the chest set and cycle through that a few times for my chest & back day?

  4. I see you’re drinking alkaline water, which buffers lactic acid… Seems
    kind of counter productive if you’re trying to produce MAX-Lactic (Ha! See
    what I did there since this is a direct ripoff of HMax). But seriously.

  5. I see you’re drinking alkaline water, which buffers lactic acid… Seems
    kind of counter productive if you’re trying to produce MAX-Lactic (Ha! See
    what I did there since this is a direct ripoff of HMax). But seriously.

  6. I’m new to your channel, do you have videos to help the skinny guys get big
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  7. That clean clean press is dumb. No need to do a reset. Would make sense to
    just pause each rep at the bottom. Your abs are barely worked, If you want
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  8. Hi Brad. Thanks for another great and awesome video. I’ll be trying this
    workout soon. I was wondering what kind of Bluetooth headphones are you
    using in this video and how do you like them.

  9. Hi Brad

    great workout. I did giant sets for the last 3 Month and since yesterday i switched to HIT. All in my home gym.

    Giant sets are great. Do you think it is more effektiv to slower down the tempo in giant sets like 3 1 3 or 3 0 3 or like this?

    I did before a training called lactic acid with 3-5 different excercises with 4 seconds for the upper movement and as fast as possible for the lowering – no rest at the bottom or top…..

    Greets from Germany


  10. Great video. Kind of hard to do this when Gym is full and have available
    the whole set up in those 10 sec. Im goint to try it. Thanks!

  11. Is there a certain routine to lose maybe 15-20lbs in 3-4 weeks??if not
    thanks anyways..keep up the good work:)

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