How Often Should You Change Your Workout Program #LLTV


When Should You Change Up Your Workout Routine?

I get asked all the time, “Brad, how often should I change my workout program?”

Unfortunately, I wish I had a straight answer for you but like 99% of all topics in fitness’¦it depends.

Factors to consider when deciding how often you should change up your workouts:

– Genetics

– Muscle fiber makeup

– How healthy you eat

– And the biggest one’¦what are you specific training goals?

So lets just talk big picture’¦

If your goal is to add more muscle mass or strength…

Most guys and girls make excellent progress changing their workouts every 6 training sessions per body part. For example, you’d follow the same chest workout 6 times before changing it up.

If your goal is to lose weight (i.e. fat loss)…

In my opinion, changing workouts more often works best which is why i designed Live Lean Afterburn that way.  New workouts every session to keep motivation high.

So if you’re looking to build lean and aesthetic beach body muscle’¦

’¦not the bulky, non-functional, beefcake type body’¦you’re going to want to check out my new LIVE LEAN MASS muscle building workout program.

I designed this program to build lean, sexy, and aesthetically looking muscle without the added bulk fat.

Recently, a lot of you have been asking me how I’ve added more muscle in the last few months but still look really lean. I’ve been in a muscle building phase of my training to test out this new LIVE LEAN MASS workout system.

How Often Should You Change Your Workout Program

Not only is it a workout program…

LIVE LEAN MASS also includes a diet plan to help you build up to 10 lbs of muscle or more in just 6 weeks.

Once again, the unique and awesome thing is I added muscle without the traditional ugly bulking fat most people gain when adding size.

I did this by following a unique workout protocol that includes the 10 sets method found in LIVE LEAN MASS.

Don’t fall for the hype Live Leaner…

You can still Live Lean and add muscle at the same time.



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Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 9.47.09 AM1. How often do you change your workout program?

2. Are your fitness goals to build muscle, strength, or fat loss?


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0 responses to “How Often Should You Change Your Workout Program #LLTV

  1. Until it stop working for at least 3 months if novice, 4 months for a
    intermediate and 6 if advance.

    If you are on the juice cut everything in half.

  2. you’ll notice once you start getting a little more experience with working out that you will stop getting results from using the same workout. Best to change up your workout every 6-8 weeks.

  3. i have a question , first of all i make the same workout routine for a year and it steel show results , and i hate to change my exercices and try new programs , it is necesarly to change my workout routine ? ( sorry if i make writing mistackes but i’m from europa and english it is not my first language )

  4. Gotta question (and this is for anyone else who has suggestions or answers): I am a well tuned athlete and have great stamina.I hurt/strained a tendon in my knee, so now I can’t do powerlifts/ heavy lower body, etc. I can’t even do the urg for cardio, let alone swim. I want to ask is there another form of cardio that I can do without my legs? The elliptical and hand bike do nothing for me. I been working on calisthenics trying to build a muscle up. Any cardio suggestions with a bum knee?

  5. Never. As long as your current program contains progressive load, you can stay on it forever.
    Many people lack gains because they impatiently switch programs like they switch underwear, always looking for that new “SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TO BE THE BEST PROGRAM EVER” solution.

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