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Single Arm Lat Pulldown

How To Do A Single Arm Lat Pulldown Exercise Demonstration Video and Guide

The Single Arm Lat Pulldown is great exercise to target the muscles in the back.

I like to use the single arm variation as an activation set, to really isolate and warm up each side of the lats independently, before hitting them with a heavier compound back exercise.

To get started:

  1. Attach a single arm handle to a lat pulldown machine.
  2. Sit down and grab the handle with one hand using an overhand, palms facing away, grip.
  3. Without moving your torso, initiate the movement by first engaging and contracting your lats, then bending your elbow and pulling it toward the ground.
  4. Pause to really feel the contraction, then reverse the movement and repeat.
  5. After you’ve completed your reps with one arm, switch arms and repeat.

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