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A Day In The Life Of Working For Live Lean TV


Do You Want To Work For Live Lean TV? | Live Lean Life Ep. 042

On today’s vlog episode of Live Lean TV, we’re showing you a day in the life of working for Live Lean TV, with our graphic designer.

In Live Lean Life Vlog Ep. 042 I share:

Filming Exercise Demonstration Videos For Live Lean MASS 2.0

To start the day, we filmed the following 7 exercise demonstration videos for my Live Lean MASS 2.0 muscle building workout program.

  1. Isometric Single Arm Incline Machine Chest Press
  2. Single Arm Lat Pulldown
  3. Incline Machine Chest Press
  4. Pec Deck Fly
  5. Standing Cable Biceps Curl With Rope
  6. Squatting Cable Curl With Rope
  7. Standing Low Pulley Overhead Cable Triceps Extension With Rope

Post Workout Nutrition When Working Out Twice A Day

Once I got home from the gym, I crushed a post workout shake.


I’m doing a two a day since we’re having our graphic designer, Caro come over for team meetings today.

That means I’m going to crush another workout later today.


When you’re crushing two a days, you have to fuel up with more calories.

This allows you to eat more calories because you’re burning more energy.

Remember that.

If you’re putting in extra work, you also have to put in extra work in the kitchen, to get more food into your body.

Playing With Baby Kyla

Kyla was busy building a house with her blocks.

As soon as she saw the camera was on her, she immediately started smiling.

kyla blocks

I think she really loves performing for the camera.

Once all the blocks were set up, I taught her how to knock it over with her hands.

She’s destructive, but powerful and strong.

After that, it was time to for Kyla to eat.

However, when I put her bib on, she had a little hissy fit.

This is proof that she’s not always smiling and laughing.

Kyla definitely has her little diva moments off camera.

Today I’m feeding her organic apples via an airplane.

kyla apple sauce

I also had a little taste and it was very good.

It took a while to get her to focus on eating food, rather than staring into the camera.

Kyla staring into the camera

After I told her she needs the calories to grow, big and strong, she was a little more focused.

Kyla smiling

Meeting With Our Graphic Designer Caro

Our graphic designer Caro has made it in from Mexico.

Christmas has also arrived again at the Live Lean offices.

Since we haven’t seen each other in awhile, we also exchanged Christmas presents.

Kyla was first to open her present.

She got a new pair of tropical pajamas.

Now it was Caro’s turn to open her present from us.

We bought her a pair of custom Nike sneakers that were hand bedazzled by Jess.


A Day In The Life Of Working For Live Lean TV

Jess did such a good job on them.

Caro was speechless.

When you come work with Live Lean TV, you get presents like custom Nike sneakers!

It’s just one of the perks of the job.

Oh, and there was one other thing.

We also hooked her up with Beats By Dre headphones.

How We Hired Our First Full Time Employee For Live Lean TV

As we walked to our workout spot, I decided to have a little interview with Caro about how she went from being a Live Lean viewer, to working full time for us.

A Day In The Life Of Working For Live Lean TV

Brad: How long have you been working with us and when did we first meet each other?

Caro: We started talking back in February 2014.

Brad: 2014?

Caro: Yes.

Brad: You tweeted me, right?

Caro: Yes.

Brad: What happened after that?

Caro: I started following the Live Lean TV YouTube channel first, and then your Twitter.

I was doing some research because I wanted to know more about coconut oil, and then I started seeing more from you.

Brad: Oh, it was my coconut oil Food Wars video?

Which Coconut Oil Is Best For Cooking And Eating

Caro: Yeah, Food Wars.

After that, I started seeing more and more of your videos, and I thought it was great content.

However, it looked like you didn’t have a good logo 😂.

Brad: I’m trying to think back to December, 2014.

At that point, I don’t think we had a logo for Live Lean TV.

Caro: No, it was just text.

Brad: Yeah, then you emailed or tweeted me and said, I’m a designer, I’d love to design a Live Lean TV logo for you for free, right?

Caro: Yes.

Honestly, I never told you guys this, but I just wanted to have a free copy of your Eat Clean Live Lean cookbook.

That’s the only thing that I wanted to have 😂.

Jess: The truth comes out.

Caro: Yeah, exactly.

I saw some videos of you showing recipes from your Eat Clean Live Lean cookbook.

Quick & Healthy Snack Ideas!

I was like, that looks so good.

I thought maybe, if I offered to do some stuff for free, I could get it.

Brad: That’s smart.

Now you have access to all of our products.

You also worked for a year and a half to two years, for free.

You also mentioned you loved our Transformation 1,000,000 mission and wanted to help us grow.

Then we got to the point where she was doing such great work for us, we hired her, and now you’re working for us full time.

Caro: Yes.

Jess: It was a trade situation.

Brad: You don’t have another job.

Caro: No.

Brad: You’re now living your life and doing your thing with us full time.

That’s the thing.

Since we’re looking to expand, we get quite a few viewers contacting us saying they would love to work for us at Live Lean TV, and help us expand our mission.

However, the reason I love your approach is how you wanted to give us value first, prove your worth, then hoping you would turn that into a full time job.

At this time, we are looking for videographers and website design help.

Caro: Maybe app designers?

Brad: Yes, app developers.

However, one of the things we’re looking for, is for you to prove your worth first, and then it could turn into a full time position, where your entire life changes.

Jess: Absolutely.

Offer something first, before asking for a job.

Brad: Right.

It’s also important to be specialized in something that can help a business.

That’s not just a tip for working for us, that’s a general tip to creating a better a life.

Give value to somebody before you ask for value back.

Jess: Yeah.

Brad: Bottom line, the way Caro started working for us is a great story.

Jess: Life wisdom.

Caro: I’m really happy and love you guys.

You are the best bosses I have ever had.

I fell in love with the mission first.

The brand looked great in the beginning, however I wanted to help make it even better.

We started with the Live Lean TV logo, then we redesigned your programs and Team Live Lean, and the rest is history.

Brad: Awesome.

Jess: You also had a ton of patience, because things didn’t happen right away.

It took us a really long time to be able to trust you and know that you were going to be there and work hard to meet deadlines.

You proved all of this stuff to us before we hired you.

Caro: It was hard because at the time I had a full time job and I was going to school.

Then when it was 11:00pm on Sunday, I knew I had to finish designing and uploading a new meal plan to Team Live Lean.

Brad: Yeah, it was your side hustle.

Jess: This is why we always say dedication and consistency equals results.

Brad: There you go guys.

If you want to start working with Richard Branson or Live Lean TV, always offer value first.

That’s my rant.

I’m out.

San Diego Convention Center Stairs Workout

We’re here at the San Diego Convention Center stairs.

20 Minute HIIT Stairs Workout To Get Shredded

I’ve showed you stairs workouts here before.

As I mentioned earlier, I already worked out today, however, Jess, Caro, Kyla, and Bruno are going to get in a little workout now.

Fortunately, Kyla is still sleeping.

To start, Bruno led the way as we all walked up the stairs.

It’s amazing that Kyla made it to the top of the stairs, but her heart rate didn’t change 😂.

Kyla sleeping workout

Caro was wearing a heart rate monitor and her heart rate went up to 158 beats per minute.

There are approximately 100 steps to the top of the San Diego Convention Center stairs.

These are steep stairs too, so you get a great workout in.

The view of downtown San Diego from the top of the stairs is also amazing.

You can also see my office building and Live Lean headquarters.

Downtown san diego skyline

Nothing but California love.

After reaching the top of the stairs, we walked back down to the bottom.

How To Calculate Your Heart Rate Zones For HIIT Training

How To Calculate Your HIIT Heart Rate Target Zones

This is considered the low intensity interval where you let your heart rate come back down again.

Once your heart rate hits your low interval rate, you go back up the stairs again.

The low intensity interval rate is approximately 60% of your max heart rate.

Your max heart rate (MHR) is calculated as:

  • Max heart rate = 220 – your age

Your low intensity interval heart rate zone is calculated as:

  • Low intensity interval heart rate zone = 60% of your MHR

Your high intensity interval heart rate zone is calculated as:

  • High intensity interval heart rate zone = 80% of your MHR

After finishing the stairs portion of the workout, we’re went down to the Embarcadero Marina Park to complete a few bodyweight exercises.

Mommy And Daddy Weighted Pulls Ups With Baby Kyla

Jessica is going to do pull ups wearing 15 extra pounds in the form of baby Kyla, while Caro films it for Instagram and I vlog it at the same time.

jess pull up with kyla

She did one set off camera, but as the saying goes, if it wasn’t recorded on video, did it really happen?

I tried to encourage her to do two reps in a row, but Kyla was a little too heavy for that.

Now it was my turn to do baby daddy pull ups.

brad kyla pull ups

Kyla had lots of fun on the ride.

Who says you can’t be fit as a parent?

After I finished 5 baby daddy pull ups, Jess had to redeem herself with another set of pull ups without Kyla.

jess pull ups

She crushed 5 more pull ups with a nice and slow eccentric.

After the pull ups, Jess and Caro did the following superset for 6 rounds:

Beginner push up variation: If you struggle with push ups, regress the push up by completing the push up on knees with alternating knee drive.

During this beginner variation, you’ll complete a push up on knees, then get off your knees and back onto your toes to complete the straight arm knee to elbow plank.

I also did a halfway baby push up variation while holding Kyla in the Baby Bjorn.

brad push up with kyla

During the last round of walking lunges, Jessica held Bruno for added resistance.

Bruno weighs 23 pounds so he is heavier than Kyla, who only weighs 15 pounds.

The ladies were looking Live Lean strong.

Post Workout Chipotle Meal

We had our meetings and our workout, now we’re having our lunch Chipotle.

Since Caro is from Mexico, this is her first experience at Chipotle.

We did a post a few days ago called Guess How Many Calories in This Chipotle Burrito?!

Guess How Many Calories in This Chipotle Burrito?!

However, we didn’t order that massive Chipotle burrito this time.

We all stuck with what we should be eating, a healthy Chipotle burrito bowl and water.

I ordered a carnitas burrito bowl with guacamole, and Jess and Caro ordered beef burrito bowls.

Kyla is getting some boobie milk.

Since Caro is from Mexico, I had to ask her if it was good?

Even though it was American Mexican food, she said it was really good and passes the test.

If anybody cares, it also passes the Canadian test.

With that said, we’re starving, so it’s time to finish eating.

Keep Living Lean.

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