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Guess How Many Calories in This Chipotle Burrito?!


Did you know that by changing the way you order a meal, you can drastically alter the calorie content of your meal?

I ordered dinner from our favorite “fast food” restaurant, Chipotle, and compared the the calorie counts. Beware, they may shock you.

Guess How Many Calories in This Chipotle Burrito?!

Why Do Calories Matter?

If you have no idea how many calories you’re consuming per day, you might unintentionally be sabotaging your fitness goals.


No matter how much you workout you won’t be able to drastically transform your body unless you get your nutrition “on-point” – This doesn’t mean starving yourself to lose weight, or stuffing yourself to gain muscle.. It means being aware and making smarter nutritional choices based on your body’s energy needs and your transformation goal.

Recently I’ve been talking about macros, calories, and how important it is to have balanced nutrition that FITS your daily energy needs – In other words, you’ll get the best results when you eat not too much, not too little but just right for your goals.

Today we’re going to look at two different orders from one of our favorite fast food restaurants that you also probably know and love.

Calories in This Chipotle Burrito Live Lean TV

I used Chipotle’s online nutrition calculator on my smartphone to figure out what would be the highest calorie meal I could build & then did the same to build a lower-calorie “normal sized” meal.

Here’s the site I used:

The crazy part is when you look at these meals side by side they seem similar! What might be a “normal looking” meal order can be deceivingly high in calories, just the same as what you might think of as a “low calorie” meal can have a lot of volume and be very filling & satisfying.

Never judge a plate just by it’s volume! It’s important for you to actually know what food types that meal is made up of because some foods are much more calorically dense than others.

Let’s first take a look at how quickly the calories can get super high:

Here’s how to make it happen: Order everything high in calories (i.e. the highest calorie meat, & every single high fat condiment AND a side of chips & guac)

Here’s the order:

Chorizo Burrito – Flour Tortilla, Chorizo, Brown Rice, Pinto Beans, Salsa, Corn, Sour Cream, Cheese, Guac + Side of Chips & Guac = 2275 Cals

 Live Lean TV

Here’s the Macronutrient breakdown for this burrito:

 Live Lean TV

13% Protein / 38% Carbs / 49% Fats

This doesn’t even include any “double meat or double cheese requests OR any sweetened beverages like a soda or margarita.. The calories COULD be even higher.. But to make a point.. This seems similar to a meal that would be a typical chipotle order).

Then let’s look at how easily you can reduce the cals to fit your goals while still having a very satisfying meal.


Here’s how to make it happen: Order the leanest meat available (surprisingly the steak not the chicken) and go with lower cal white rice and black beans, then load up on free foods like veggies, tomatoes and lettuce,

Here’s the order:

Steak Bowl – white rice, black beans, tomato salsa, veggies, lettuce = 530 Cals

 Live Lean TV

 Live Lean TV

26% Protein / 52% Carbs / 22% Fats

The important lesson here is that if your goal is body transformation then these are the kind of nutritional details that are important to your success. Don’t be naive and think that all restaurant orders are created equal. Your best bet to transform your bod is to make your meals at home, but i want you to know that even when ordering out, you can still have control over what’s on your plate and make smarter more informed decisions that will lead to better outcomes.

Even Chipotle can fit your macros! 🙂

I want to make a big emphasis here that fewer calories does NOT always equal better. You need to eat enough food to fuel your life and your workouts. Living lean is not about getting skinny, it’s about getting LEAN. Muscles require nutrients!

There is no one “correct” macro split or calorie count, it all depends entirely on individual needs & circumstances.

Hope this comparison was helpful for you to see.

Brad did NOT enjoy the effects after eating that gargantuan 2k cal  burrito — he was super bloated and uncomfortable after… so if you choose to order that one just beware! Lol


I enjoyed the “regular sized” burrito bowl and added that side of guacamole, making it closer to 760 cals, which was much better for me!

 Live Lean TV


The more you know, the greater amount of control you’ll have over you outcome.

Keep working towards your ultimate goals live leaner. The journey never ends, it just keeps getting better as you become stronger and more capable at it.

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Thanks for your comments, & KEEP! Living Lean!

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