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Kettlebell Figure 8

How To Do A Kettlebell Figure 8 Exercise Demonstration Video and Guide

The Kettlebell Figure 8 is a unique exercise that not only targets your core, it also hits your legs, as you’ll be holding an isometric squat.

This also helps improve shoulder mobility.

To get started:

  1. While standing, position your feet outside of hip width, then bend at the hips and knees to get into a ¼ squat position, ensuring your back is flat and chest is up.
  2. Maintain this position throughout the exercise.
  3. Next, grab the kettlebell with one hand and pass it between your legs, and under and behind your opposite thigh, while grabbing it with the opposite hand.
  4. Pass it back over top of the same leg and then into your other hand, while it’s moving under your other thigh.
  5. Repeat this figure 8 movement in a slow, smooth, and controlled manner, while focusing on keeping your core contracted, to limit the swaying of the knees and hips.

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