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Leg Press


How To Do A Leg Press Correctly

The Leg Press is an exercise that depending on your foot position, can either primarily target the quadriceps or the hamstrings and glutes.

To get started:

  1. Sit down on the seat with your back against the pad.
  2. To target your quadriceps more, place your feet shoulder width apart on the lower part of the platform.
  3. This increases the range of motion at the knees, thus targeting more quadriceps.
  4. To target your hamstrings and glutes more, place your feet shoulder width apart on the top of the platform.
  5. This increases the range of extension and flexion at the hips, thus targeting more hamstrings.
  6. Foot placement on the middle of the platform tends to engage both the hamstrings and quadriceps equally.
  7. Once you get your foot placement situated, release the safety bar and press through the bottom of your feet, especially your heels, to press the platform away from you, with your legs fully extended, without locking your knees.
  8. Your upper and lower torso should create a 90 degree angle.
  9. Under control, lower the weight back down by bending your knees until you reach approximately a 90 degree angle with your knees.
  10. Repeat.

Primary Muscles Worked

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Other Leg Press Variations


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