Your Body – HIIT Workout #LLTV #mpgstyle

Your Body HIIT Jump Rope & Agility Ladder Workout

Your Body HIIT Workout: Jump Rope & Agility Ladder

Live Lean TV is back with another fat burning and muscle building HIIT workout. This time, I’ll be kicking your booty with a jump rope and agility ladder. Even if you don’t have a jump rope (which, c’mon…they’re $15 tops) or an agility ladder (which again…are like $20) you can still do this workout.

Simply mimic the jump rope movement and create a masking tape ladder (being creative is sexxxxxy)…or just visualize the ladder (visualization is even sexxxxxier)!

As with my other HIIT workouts…this “YOUR BODY” HIIT Jump Rope & Agility Ladder workout will create the Afterburn Effect in your body.

By increasing the intensity of your workouts (via shorter breaks and full body movements)…the afterburn effect kicks in to cause your body to burn more calories AFTER the workout is finished (i.e. you can read more about EPOC here).

All you need for this YOUR BODY – HIIT Jump Rope & Agility Ladder workout is:

– An agility ladder (if you don’t have one, build one using tape/chalk on the ground)

– Jump rope

A tabata timer <– click to buy the one I use in all my videos

– And, as you’ll see in this video, warm workout clothes (I was sporting workout gear from my friends at Mondetta Performance Gear (MPG) – more on that below.

The Afterburn Effect ignites in 3, 2, 1 …

YOUR BODY – HIIT Jump Rope & Agility Ladder Workout Video

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My Stylin’ Workout Clothes In This Video: Provided By MPG Sport #mpgstyle

HIIT Jump Rope & Agility Ladder WorkoutAs you could see in this video…it wasn’t warm. Sorry if you were looking for another “shirtless” workout… but even me, Mr. Warm 3-6-5 couldn’t handle being “exposed on this chilly fall morning.

Lucky for me, my friends at Mondetta Performance Gear (MPG) hooked me up with some stylish (and warmer) workout gear. As you saw in the above video, I was wearing the following MPG outdoor workout gear:

“Propel” Active Lifestyle Wool Jersey Pullover Hoody

What I liked: Even though it was a hoody, it was still breathable and didn’t hinder or get in the way during my workout. Very comfortable to wear and will definitely wear again during colder outdoor workout videos.

What I didn’t like: Not a big deal, but the thumb slits in the sleeves. I don’t know if my hands are too big, but when I had my thumbs in the slits, it wasn’t comfortable. Regardless, if it was comfortable, I probably wouldn’t use them anyway. 

MPG Sport Propel Pullover Hoody
MPG Sport Propel Pullover Hoody

“Solar” Jersey Workout Short with a Built In Compression Liner

– What I liked: As I mentioned in the video…loved the compression liner. There’s just something about wearing compression shorts during leg workouts. I love them. It also keep the legs warm during outdoor cold workouts or runs. Loved.

– What I didn’t like: They seemed to run a little big. I like shorts that are form fitting to show off my buttocks (haha that’s such a funny word) and quads. They seemed to be a little baggy. Maybe should have gone with size small.

MPG Sport Solar Shorts
MPG Sport Solar Shorts

And here is me styling in a few other MPG threads during recent workouts…

– “Propulsion” Stretch Woven Workout Short

– What I liked: As I mentioned on instagram and twitter, I’ve been looking for workout shorts with the slits on the sides for soooooo long. The allows the shorts to be form fitting and not too baggy, while still letting the quads breath. Big fan.

– What I didn’t like: Didn’t really have any issues. Winner!

MPG Sport Propulsion Short
MPG Sport Propulsion Short

– “Smash” Sporty Sleeveless Performance Top

– What I liked: The fabric was really breathable and the style was very hip. Received compliments at the gym 😉

– What I didn’t like: Similar to my shorts, I like my workout tops to be form fitting. I felt this top was a little baggy and loose. Should have gone with a small.

HIIT Jump Rope & Agility Ladder Workout
MPG Sport “Smash” Sporty Sleeveless Performance Top

If you’re interested in ordering your own MPG Sport Workout Clothing …here’s a special offer code just for visiting 25% OFF Coupon/Discount Code: mpgfall2012

Questions For You:

– What type of workouts are you doing these days? 

– Have you ever worn MPG Sport workout gear?


Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below and share this post with your friends via the social media icons on the side or below.



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  1. HI

    I normaly do HIIT Interval Training. (10 Exc. with 30 Sec Work and 15 Sec. Rest / or Tabata / or. 4-6 Excercises without Rest …) with Dumbbell Deadlift, Dumbbell Squat, Dumbbell Press, Lunges,Rows, Burpees, Push Ups etc….

    is it enough for Fat Loss while building muscle? Or is a clean muscle building workout sometimes necessary. (like 3 Sets of Squats, 3 Sets of Benchpress etc)

    I do workout 3-4 times per week. Depends on my job etc. But minimum 3 times.

    Best wishes

    marco from germany

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