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You guys have asked for it, so today I want to share 3 game changing food and fitness items you’ll love.

Fav Fitness and Nutrition Item #1:

A Personalized Nutrition Report Based on my DNA from LifeNome

So here’s the deal.

If you’re like me, you don’t mind investing in supplements if you know you need them.

For instance, why spend money on a supplement if you’re already getting sufficient amounts of that supplement in your diet.

And in some cases, over consuming certain vitamins, like vitamin A, and minerals, like iron, may be toxic.

So this is what I love about the personalized nutrition report you get from a company called, LifeNome.

Here’s how LifeNome works:

  1. You’ll receive a DNA kit in the mail where you simply do a quick cotton swab to provide a saliva sample.
  2. You mail it back to them where they’ll analyze over 9,000 genetic variations in your DNA and assess your wellness predispositions.
  3. After a few weeks you’ll get an email with links to your reports.

Depending on which package you purchase, you can receive reports on your nutrition, fitness, skin care, allergies, and personality.

For instance, in my nutrition report, it showed I have a predisposition for low carb diet effectiveness, higher healthy omega 3 fats, and that I’m low in vitamin B5 and vitamin D.

That means…

These DNA-based reports measure your risks and by knowing your risks, you can take appropriate actions
to mitigate these risks.

If you want to get your own personalized nutrition, fitness, skin care, allergies, or personality reports, click here. Use code: liveleantv to get 10% off.

Fav Nutrition Item #2:

Meal Kit Delivery Service from Sunbasket

As I’ve shared before, we’ve discovered a meal plan hack that not only is delicious and healthy, but it’s affordable.

Since Kyla was born over a year ago, once a month, Jessica and I have been having 3 healthy meals delivered to our front door from a company called Sunbasket.

Having a meal kit delivered to your front door is not super expensive.

In fact, I actually filmed a episode of Live Lean TV where I took you into the grocery store and showed the cost of buying the individual ingredients for the recipe versus the cost of paying to have the ingredients delivered to your front door.

And trust me, we’ve had over 36 meals delivered to us so for and every single one had us yelling, DAMN that’s good!

So if you’ve tried and been super disappointed with the taste of pre-prepared meal prep services, Sunbasket is next level delicious.

They deliver organic and non-GMO ingredients, along with step-by-step, simple paleo, vegetarian, and gluten-free recipes for you or your family to make at home.

Once again, it’s super fun to sip on a glass of wine, play some music, and prepare these super delicious meals with a loved one, by yourself, with your homies, or your family.

It really does save you from living at the grocery store, and once again is quite affordable. Click here $35 off your first delivery.

Fav Fitness Item #3: Jawku Speed

jawku speed

Guys I saw this being advertised on Instagram and I instantly said, I NEED THIS.

As a Live Leaner, we not only train for fat loss and lean muscle, we also train for performance as an athlete of life.

One way I stay motivated when doing my sprints at the track or out at the field is timing myself and always striving to beat my previous time.

And since a lot of the time I train by myself, it’s was always hard to measure my sprint times.

And that’s why the Jawku Speed caught my eye because it does what a stopwatch can’t do. It automatically starts and stops based on your movement.

Simply download the app on your mobile device, pair up the Jawku watch, put your device in the Jawku stand and place it on the finish line.

Then get into your start position, and once you go, the watch automatically starts the timer, then when you pass your mobile device, it automatically stops the timer.

It keeps an ongoing record of your times including your personal best.

It also works on keeping times for various agility drills.

Get 30% off the Jawku Speed when using code: liveleantv.

So there you go Live Lean Nation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this style episode. If you did, let me know in the comment section below and Jessica and I will add in a monthly fitness fav segment to our show.

Thanks for watching, and keep Living Lean.

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