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4 Minute Advanced Full Body Tabata Workout Routine

Intense Train Like A Freak Tabata Workout With Beginner Modifications

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m taking you through a 4 minute advanced full body tabata workout routine.

This advanced tabata workout is going to have you training like a freak.

If you are a beginner, and the looks of this tabata workout scares you, don’t worry.

I’ve also provided beginner modifications for all of these advanced tabata exercises.

What Is Tabata?

I’ve been doing tabata workouts for over 3 years.

Tabata workouts are a 4 minute high intensity interval training style, that includes 20 seconds of all out work, followed by a quick 10 second rest.

Since tabata routines are only 4 minutes, they need to be completed with maximum effort.

All You Need For This 4 Minute Advanced Full Body Tabata Workout Routine Is:

  • Sturdy platform to jump up on, i.e. box, step, or bench
  • Wall
  • Medicine ball
  • Jump Rope
  • Interval timer
    • To do a tabata workout correctly, you need a timer that is easily accessible, doesn’t get in the way, and notifies you when your work or rest period is over.
    • Simply set the timer to 20 second work intervals and 10 second rest intervals, then the timer will beep and/or vibrate to tell you the interval is over.
    • You don’t even need to look at it during the workout since it continues until your full 4 minutes is up.
    • If you don’t have a timer that fits the above criteria, here’s a link to a tabata workout interval timer to keep track of your work and rest periods.
tabata timer

4 Minute Advanced Full Body Tabata Workout Routine

Here’s the breakdown of today’s 4 minute advanced full body tabata workout routine.

Total time:

  • 4 minutes


  • 20 seconds of work

The goal of a tabata workout is to complete 20 seconds of work per exercise, for as many reps as possible, with proper form, without stopping.


  • 10 second rest

After completing a 20 second set, take a 10 second break, then move onto the next exercise.

Make sure you keep your water bottle close, so you can take a quick drink of water during the rest period.


  • 2 sets

Repeat the A1-A4 giant set for a total of 4 minutes.

2 Minute Warm Up:

Complete 1 set of the following warm up exercises.

Tabata Exercises:

In this 4 minute advanced full body tabata workout routine, I’m showing you 4 different total body exercises.

If you are a beginner, simply follow the provided beginner exercise modifications.

To learn the tabata exercises and beginner modifications, click the links below for step-by-step exercise demonstrations.

A1. Rolling Box Jump

The first exercise is the rolling box jump.

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds

Sets: 2

Coaching cues:

  • After you complete 20 seconds of work, during your 10 second rest, walk over to the wall to get ready for the next exercise.

Beginner Exercise Modification: Box Jumps

A2. Medicine Ball Overhead Press Toss (i.e. Wall Balls)

The next exercise is the medicine ball overhead press toss, i.e. wall balls.

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds

Sets: 2

Coaching cues:

  • Make sure you keep the intensity up while keeping every muscle in your body tight.
  • Squat down, then stand up as you throw the medicine ball up against the wall.

Beginner Exercise Modification: I was using a 20 pound medicine ball, but if you’re a beginner, go with something lighter.

A3. Handstand Kick Up To Handstand Push Up Against

The next exercise is a handstand kick up to handstand push up.

By kicking up into handstand between every handstand push up rep, it adds a nice mix of cardio to this exercise.

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds

Sets: 2

Coaching cues:

  • To get into the handstand, I’m doing the two feet kick up advanced progression by kicking up both feet at the same time.
  • If you’re new to kicking up to a handstand, start by kicking up with one foot at a time.
  • To complete the handstand kick up to handstand push up, while facing a wall, bend over and place your hands on the floor approximately 6 inches from the wall, with a slightly wider than shoulder width grip.
  • Kick up into the handstand with both feet at the same time, or if you’re a beginner, kick up one foot at a time.
  • As you kick up, place your heels against the wall.
  • Before completing the push up, focus on pulling in your ribs and contracting your core to create a strong straight line with your body.
  • Keeping your body tight, complete 1 handstand push up by slowly bending your elbows to lower the top of your head towards the floor.
  • Once the top of your head taps the floor, press your hands through the floor to extend your elbows and get back to the top of the push up.
  • Under control, lower both legs back to the floor at the same time, or if you’re a beginner, lower one leg at a time.
  • Immediately kick back up into the handstand and repeat another handstand push up.
  • Repeat for time or reps.

Beginner Exercise Modification: Pike Push Up

A4. Double Unders Jump Rope

The final exercise of the round are double unders jump rope.

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds

Sets: 2

Coaching cues:

  • If you can’t do double unders with the jump rope, stick with the speed jump rope, by doing single jump rope hops.

Beginner Exercise Modification: Speed Jump Rope

That’s One Round

After taking a 10 second rest, immediately move into round 2 and repeat the A1-A4 giant set one more time.

This equals a total of 4 minutes.

Since this is the last round of the A1-A4 giant set, make sure you give it everything you have left in the tank.

It’s time to burn through it.

Congratulations On Completing This Awesome Tabata Workout

There you go.

You just killed it.

Now it’s time to take a breath and drink some water.

If you want to, you can also finish with a kip up.

Thanks to Real Fitness in Playa Del Rey, California for allowing us to use their awesome training facility.

When Should I Do Tabata Workouts?

I like adding these 4 minute tabata workouts to the end of my strength training workouts, to really fire up the fat burning engine.

You can also do these 4 minute tabata workouts first thing in the morning, to wake up the body, so you can get focused for your day.


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  1. oh man i want to ask u how many times do u workout cuz u have
    alooooooooooooooooooot of muscles

  2. People like you are blessing . Just a wonder how often can you do tabata? 4
    x week will be OK? Thanks.

  3. Very well edited Brad. I should know I’m a youtuber myself.
    I always liked your workouts videos and I know you do what you preach!

  4. Thank you for the modification box! Us newbies who aren’t quite on that pro
    level yet appreciate it :P. I am extremely out of shape with 70+ lbs to
    lose and just want to dive in and give it all I got! But I’m afraid I might
    hurt myself or mess something up. Better to be precise with the movements,
    than risk form and not only lower calorie burn but increase my risk of
    injury as well! So I love the modification box :D!

  5. Isn’t the idea with tabata to get you puls sky rocking? Like I’m about to
    pass out and die puls? Like high knees sprint with dumbels or something
    crazy like that? With a workout like this you get a high puls for sure, but
    is it I’m about to die high? Perhaps make a video explaining why tabata is
    good, how it works, and what it does to the body.. Why is it better than
    one hour on the treadmill? … I forgot.. Make a video to remind me, thank
    you very much.. Great channel btw, been following you for a long time now..

  6. Looks awesome. I just had had 4 toenails removed, so once I am able, I
    will be rockin’ this one. Thanks for the vid,

  7. Hey man, I love all your videos. Just wanted your opinion on my diet/
    workout plan. It’s not much but trying to loose weight. I’m on a pretty
    good diet, low carbs. I’m consuming about 160-200g protein. And 1100-1300
    calories consumed. I’m doing 50 burpees in the afternoon and at night I’m
    doing 20x 50 yard sprint intervals with a good mile cool down run. That’s
    basically it tho…

  8. Hi Brad, can I do it 2 times a day or it might be too stressful? Can you
    suggest me the best time to do it? I mean morning, afternoon, evening…
    Greetings from Italy

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