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Learning How To Do A Kip Up In 6 Days

Goal Set: Do A Back To Feet Kick Up

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing my journey of learning how to do a kip up in 6 days.

No matter what your goal is, never ever give up.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know Living Lean isn’t just about lifting heavy objects and putting them down.

Although weight training to build muscle and get lean is a big portion of Living Lean, it’s also about improving performance and athleticism.

Co-founder of Nike, Bill Bowerman, put it best when he said:

If you have a body, you are an athlete.

Bill Bowerman

If You Have A Body You Are An Athlete
Well said Bill.

Goal Set: Do A Kip Up

With this in mind, I’m always looking to increase my athleticism by finding cool movements, that I can’t currently do, then working towards doing them.

In the past, these cool movements included:

My First Muscle Up Reaction After Finally Completing One

It’s such a great feeling of accomplishment when you finally do it.

On March 11, 2014, I Set A New Goal For Myself

The next athletic movement on my list of goals was the kip up, also known as the back to feet kick up.

But believe me, I was lost in the beginning.

So I started documenting my journey of learning how to do a kip up, ninja style, from day 1 all the way to day 6.

Here’s how my journey went.

Day 1: Clueless Without A Plan

On day 1, I was just trying to figure out the movement, by simply rolling back and forth on my back.

It was clear that I didn’t have a plan or a clue of what I was doing.

Day 2: Clueless And Still No Plan

At this point, I obviously realized I needed help.

That’s when I first asked for feedback on what I needed to do.

Day 3: I Finally Put Together A Plan

Once I realized I needed help, I did a little bit of research on the internet.

During my research, I found out when that you should break the kip up down into two movements.

The first movement is learning how to push off with your arms.

To help with this, I did some backbends.

Day 4: New Game Plan In Place

The second movement I figured out is creating torque with your lower body.

The torque is so important for creating the momentum required to do a kip up.

So on day 4, I worked on really driving my legs up and out to create the required torque with my body.

After working on this movement, it was time to give a kip up a try.


Although I landed flat on my back, I was still laughing and having fun with it.

I continued to try, but was just left with more and more failed reps.

Here’s the moral of this.

Whenever you are trying something new, especially when it comes to athletic movements, you are going look like an idiot.

But you just have to get in, get dirty, and give it a try.

Time after time, rep after rep, I continued to mess up.

Even though I was starting to get frustrated, I was not giving up.

When I want something, I go after it.

Day 5: Executing On The Plan And Getting Better

On day 5, I continued to execute on the plan.

Even though I was getting better, I still was not quite there yet.

I still needed to put in more time and effort.

Ultimately, I knew it was coming though, as I was seeing drastic improvements compared to 5 days earlier.

But, I still had a lot of hard work left to go.

Day 6: Let’s Get It!

At the beginning of day 6 training, I was almost completing a kip up.

I just needed to focus on driving my legs forward even faster, keeping them as straight as I can, and keeping my core nice and tight.

Then after a bunch of reps, I got it.

Although it wasn’t the best landing, I actually landed my ever first kip up.

Let’s keeping driving it.

At this point, I was getting excited because I knew things were working and I was about to do it.

I can’t explain it, other than saying that something just clicked with my muscle memory.

I knew I just needed to generate more power with my legs to create more momentum.

Then everything just came together as I began to nail the kip up, rep after rep.

Consistent Practice Wins Every Time

Just like anything with life, when you consistently practice with a game plan, you can accomplish anything.

Before ending my training session, I wanted to land one last beautiful kip up.


We have nailed the kip up.

That’s how it’s done.

Advanced Kip Up Variations

After day 6, I continued to try more advanced kip up variations, including:

Damn That’s Good!

Whatever Your Goal Is:

The purpose of sharing my journey of learning how to do a kip up in 6 days, is to inspire you to do the following.

#1: Set Goals

For example: “I will learn how to do a kip up in 6 days.”

#2: Have A Plan To Follow

It wasn’t until I got a plan, that I finally starting making progress towards accomplishing my goal of being able to do a kip up.

#3: Work Your Butt Off

You can read about learning how to do kip ups for hours.

However, the real work comes from consistently putting your learnings to work.

#4: Achieve It By Never Ever Giving Up

You can do amazing things when you have a plan and the guts to work towards achieving it.

Just more proof that with a plan, hard work, and never giving up, you too can accomplish your goals.

That’s why I was able to learn how to do a kip up in 6 days.

Next thing on my list of cool movements: the back flip.

Stay tuned.

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23 responses to “Learning How To Do A Kip Up In 6 Days

  1. Hey Brad I wad in the gym yesterday and completed 4 sets of dead lifts for
    a start to my back workout when a got a terrible headache and left. Is it
    ok to go back today and do the them again with my back workout?

  2. Hey Brad I wad in the gym yesterday and completed 4 sets of dead lifts for
    a start to my back workout when a got a terrible headache and left. Is it
    ok to go back today and do the them again with my back workout?

  3. Brad great work. Just finished some HIIT training which I love. I’ve lost 2
    stone since January so I want a new challenge. I’d like to do a planche,
    any tips? Maybe a video?

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