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Can I Learn How To Handstand In 30 Days?

My New Fitness Goal: 30 Day Handstand Challenge

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m challenging myself to see if I can learn how to handstand in 30 days.

You know I love setting new short-term goals.

Well if you’ve been watching Live Lean TV lately, you saw my last two fitness goals were to do a muscle up and a front lever.

My One Month Front Lever Progression

Since I’ve progressed pretty well with those two moves, it’s now time to move on to something different.

Hello Handstands!

Yes, I’m setting a new fitness goal to learn how to handstand in 30 days.

Like with my other fitness challenges, I am declaring that I will confidently hold a handstand within 30 days.

My goal with these challenges is to inspire you that it is possible to accomplish fitness goals, even when you have no previous training in this style of workout.

It’s all about setting workout goals and then working your butt off to accomplish them.

How To Workout Smarter For Your Goals

That’s the sign of a winner.

The Beginning

To show you where I am at right now, here’s my first handstand attempt on the streets of New York City.

Based on that poor form, it’s obvious that I have a ways to go.

So now it’s time to head to the gym, and begin day 1 of my handstand training.

I’ll also share a 4 other handstand training workouts from the first few weeks of my training, to see if I make any progress.

You can check out all the video clips from my first 4 handstand workouts here.

Enjoy the crashes!

Welcome To Day 1 of My 30 Day Handstand Challenge

As you can see, at the beginning of my 30 day journey to master the handstand, I had to talk myself into getting over the fear of being upside down.

Once I finally trusted my ability, and committed to the process of being upside down, small progress was be made.

After day 1 was over, I was happy that I learned how to protect myself, by rolling out of the handstand, rather than falling on my back.

Handstand Workout #2

For my second handstand workout, I had an audience of strangers.

Although I felt like I was making progress, I had one epic handstand crash where I fell over on my butt.

Even though it was embarrassing, I quickly got up and did it over again.

Handstand Workout #3

I continued making progress in my third handstand workout, but still had a few other epic crashes on my back.

But here’s the thing.

My next handstand attempt, after falling on my back, was my best handstand of the day.

Handstand Workout #4

During my fourth handstand workout, I was focused on being more in control of my body.

For some reason, when I was working on connecting with my body, the jazz hands came out 😂.

Love the feeling of making progress.

There Were My First 4 Handstand Training Workouts

There you go.

As you could see, each handstand workout got progressively better.

Even though I had quite a few little stumbles a long way, I happy to say I had no broken bones.

All in all, I think we’re getting there.

At the end of 30 days, I’ll be back to show you how well I did with this handstand challenge.

Until then, leave a comment below as I want to hear what your short-term, 30 day goals are.

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Question For You:

  • Can you do a handstand?
  • What is your short-term 30 day fitness goal?

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below.

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20 responses to “Can I Learn How To Handstand In 30 Days?

  1. Usually you start on wall first just for starters so you can find your
    balance is not so much in strength but its more your balance, dude you look
    like a bboy in no time

  2. You may want to watch Kino MacGregor’s video on Handstands in Yoga: How To Fall, so you can safely fall out of handstand while you’re practicing.

  3. to me, it’s more of just wanting to be able to do them. I don’t like it when I can’t do things 😉 Weights and sprints are always the best forms of exercise.

  4. Its really hard, and requires a lot of time. Search for “GMP Posse – Handstand toturial – How to do a handstand perfectly”. The video is made by a YouTuber who teach gymnastics.
    Looking forward to seeing your progression 🙂

  5. TheOokamiSan has got it right. As a former gymnastics coach, here are my two cents: pay particular attention to your hand position (waaaayy too wide right now). Lock shoulders & elbows. Also extend your body as much as possible (imagine there was a string tied to your feet and someone were pulling it upwards). Your incredible muscle tone has helped you get away with a rather poor form, but if you do it right, you’ll find it is fairly easy actually. You might want to use a wall to work on the proper form, it helps a lot. 🙂

  6. Progression: 1. Wrist Prep — Place hands on the ground in different positions and lean forward (stretching) 2. Understand the Hollow Body Position 3. Practice walking up and down the wall in hollow body position and body facing wall (lock out arms) 4. Handstand against wall with body facing out 5. L Stand 6. Free standing handstands (start with tuck or straddle) Technique Tips: -For each progression you should be able to do 1 minute before you move on.

  7. You are adorable! (especially with those jazz hands) 🙂
    Try to lock your shoulders and elbows. If you fall over in the grass, try to roll. (It hurts less and it looks better than a ‘fail’) Also, I always learned to look at my hands while standing upside down. This is all from a gymnastics perspective… (not that I’m a pro, just trying to help) 😉

  8. Maybe dont “kick up” into the handstand so much..put your hands down and use your core to lift your legs, Maybe also bring your hands a little bit closer together,,,and straighten out your arms a little more…almost lock your elbows. Just some ideas 🙂

  9. Amazing Challenge Brad. Been trying to do it for the past 3 months on and off. Now, i think will take the challenge. Wish you all the best. Thanks for all the motivation once again.

  10. Use your fingertips and palms, it seems you’re wobbling around so the whole thing is to keep your whole body stable, not loose.

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