HIIT Cardio Sprints: 18 Ways To Spice Them Up #LLTV


Spice Up Your Sprint Gainz!

Live Lean Nation, are you bored of your cardio? Of course you are. Cardio DOES NOT need to be boring and that’s what I’m showing you on today’s sprint episode. Here are 18 ways to spice up your sprints! Have some fun with this one guys.

Enjoy the above episode!

Live Lean Sprint – Progressive Sprinting Program With Multiple Phases

Live Lean Sprint
Phase 1a & 1b: sprint workouts are customized to the general public that are new to fitness or currently obese.

Phase 2: if you’re already in decent shape but are new to sprinting, you can skip phase 1a & 1b and move directly into phase 2.

Phase 3: And if you’re already sprinting… i challenge you to start with phase 3 and let me guide you to your best body ever with these more advanced sprint workouts.

Live Lean Sprint also comes with an exclusive digital video of me at the track.

Live Lean Sprint Video Cover

You’ll see the EXACT intensity I bring to my sprints as well as learn my mental secrets to hype myself up and to get the most out of my sprint workouts.

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Sprint Interval Workouts

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0 responses to “HIIT Cardio Sprints: 18 Ways To Spice Them Up #LLTV

  1. Love the channel(s) and the program. But have a conundrum. I run daily
    (either 3 miles on the road or interval sprints on the treadmill) + Tabata
    or HIIT. However, every single time I try to take my interval sprints
    outside I wind up straining the lower lateral portion of my Gastroc (1 or
    both legs)…..Any ideas as to what I could be doing wrong? Thank you in
    advance and for making this program, it truly makes a difference to many of

  2. Awesome vid guys. Gave me lots of ideas for when the snow melts. It’s
    getting closer. I love your fresh ideas. I am ordering some collapsible
    hurdles for a tough outdoor leg workout I’m putting together. Just got to
    get my plyo boxes made and the snow to go away. Can’t wait. Gonna be legs
    on Fire!!!!!! Thanks for the vid.

  3. I swear the definition of relationship goals yall are just perfect . couple
    that trains together stays together. 🙂 Awesome vids currently doing your
    sprint program love it!

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