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Any Exercise Is Better Than No Exercise

Supplements I’m Currently Taking Daily | Live Lean Life Ep. 015

On today’s vlog episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing another day in the life where I share a real world example of why any exercise is better than no exercise.

In Live Lean Life Vlog Ep. 015 I share:

Supplements I’m Currently Taking Daily

Here is a list of the supplements I’m currently taking daily:

How To Get A Baby To Stop Crying As A New Dad

It’s been a busy day in the office.

I have basically been sitting in front of my computer business accounting work with one arm, while holding and bouncing baby Kyla with the other arm.

Bouncing is basically the only way to get Kyla to stop crying.

Although it was hard to work, the bouncing mimicked mini dumbbell bicep curl pumps, therefore it created a lot vascularity and definition in my biceps.

I guess you could call this my dad life biceps workout.

Another way to get Kyla to stop crying is bouncing on a swiss ball while holding her against my chest or on my knee.

If needed, hold your baby’s neck to support it, however Kyla already has a super strong neck.

She really loves bouncing.

If she is salty and won’t sleep at night time, I’ll get up, sit on the swiss ball, and bounce her on my knee, while I watch Family Guy or something else on TV, until she stops.

That’s how I get baby Kyla to stop crying.

Not only is Kyla a daddy’s girl, I think she is going to be a gymnast too because she loves to bounce.

She may also be a future co-host of Live Lean TV.

Any Exercise Is Better Than No Exercise

Once I got Kyla settled in her baby swing, I wanted to get in a workout at the sports field before California’s golden hour, then head to the beach to check out the sunset, do a little relaxing, and maybe shoot some hoops.

By the time I arrived at the sports field, it was completely full with multiple kid’s sporting events.

It’s awesome to see kids being active, but not good news for my workout plans as I needed to use the sports field for the following exercises:

Rather than giving up and using that as an excuse to miss my workout, I decided to head down to the beach.

By the time I arrived at the beach, it was California’s golden hour, which made it all worthwhile to miss my planned workout.

Although I wasn’t planning on doing a basketball workout today, I decided to switch up my game plan, head to the basketball court, and put in the work to get results.

Once I finished playing basketball, I’m only a few feet away from stepping into the sand.

The Beach Is My Paradise

Time to take my sneakers off and put my feet into the sand.

When we first moved to Los Angeles, one of our living options was a place directly on the beach.

Unfortunately it was really old and dated inside, so we passed on it.

I often wonder how sweet it would have been to have the beach as my literal backyard.

Living this close to the beach makes the living expenses in LA all worth it.

A Day In My Life In Santa Monica

Every time I’m walking on the beach or boardwalk, and see people playing beach volleyball and watching the sunset, it makes me so happy to be here.

Even though we spend multiple thousands of dollars per month in costs to live here, I can’t complain.

This beach is only a 10 minute walk from our place.

Even though I spend a lot of time down here, I wish I spent even more time on the beach.

I need to figure out a way to bring my office to the beach.

Maybe I could put laptop down in the sand while I do some editing and writing.

Reflecting At The Beach About My Life’s Journey

Transforming My Life: How Belief, Hard Work, and Faith Led Me Here

I guess you could say this is similar to a video journal.

I really wish each and every single person reading this could have been on the beach with me.

It is so peaceful and quiet.

In that moment, I felt like I owned the beach since I was the only one there.

You couldn’t hear any traffic.

All you hear is the waves crashing in the background.

In fact, I now declare this is my beach.

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6 No Equipment Exercises For A Beach Workout

6 No Equipment Exercises For A Beach Workout

To honor my declaration of owning this beach, I decided to do 6 beach exercises.

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Thanks for reading.

I love and appreciate each and every single one you.

It’s time for my meditation, so I’m going to say goodbye.

See you at the next vlog.

Keep Living Lean.


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