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A Day In My Life In Hollywood


Working Out, Eating, And Having A Little Fun in Hollywood

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a day in my life in Hollywood, as well as my first day training at Gold’s Gym Venice.

But before we get into it, I’m pumped to say that the Live Lean Nation is stronger than ever.

I’m so grateful for each and everyone of you that has invited me on your computer screen, smartphone, tablet, or for you fancy people, your smart TV.

My goal for Live Lean TV is to change people’s lives.

It’s a big goal, I know.


Every time I hit the record button, my intention is to educate, inspire, and motivate you to take action.

So promise me you will implement what I teach, so you can become the best version of you.

That’s My Calling

So with that said, I hope you’re taking at least one thing from each video post, and applying it to your lifestyle.

One small change can lead to dramatic results.

But this change doesn’t have to be directly related to the foods you eat or the exercises you do.

This change can also be in attitude.

And that’s what I hope you take away from this video post.

It’s so important to have a positive attitude, get outside of your comfort zone, and live life.

Trust Me, I Was Just A Normal Shy Kid Growing Up

Anyone who went to school with me would never believe that I’d be on Hollywood Boulevard, in front of hundreds of people on camera, doing the patented Michael Jackson dance, in front of his Hollywood star.

So do one thing today that is outside of your comfort zone.

Do one thing that scares you.

And of course, do one thing that makes you laugh.

Live life to its fullest and make every day the best it can be.

With all that said, enjoy the episode, as we had a lot of fun making it.

Welcome Back To Los Angeles: A Day In My Life In Hollywood

If you missed it, check out part 1 of this vlog where I shared a day in my life in Santa Monica.

A Day In My Life In Santa Monica

To start the day, we got stuck on the freeway in some major traffic on our way to Hollywood.

Now, Jessica is usually a very patient person when she’s well fed.

However if she’s hungry and stuck in traffic for a long time, she quickly becomes hangry.

It’s not a good mix.

Trust me, although I think she is the best, and looks super cute in her pink hat, dress, and lipstick, she still scares me when she’s hangry.

On the positive side, she’s a great driver, so we eventually arrived safely at the madness that is known as Hollywood Boulevard.

Come Hang Out With Us On Hollywood Boulevard

One of the highlights for me was seeing Michael Jackson’s star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

As mentioned earlier, Jessica thought it was hot when I pulled out my favorite Michael Jackson dance move to honor his star.

Damn that’s good!

Jessica then saw her idol, Brittney Spears, on a poster outside of a candy store called the Sugar Factory.

So of course, she had to go in and check it out.


But don’t tell anybody.


We Then Visited Muscle Beach In Venice

Visiting Venice Beach was exciting for me because one of my top three movies of all time is White Men Can’t Jump.

Side note: who says white men can’t jump 😉 ?

Okay, back to my story.

We visited the actual basketball courts on Venice Beach that Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes played on in the movie.

As a basketball fan, you have to love it.

Respect to those actors for bringing some good moves to the movie.

After that, we visited the skateboard park on Venice Beach.

I’d like to believe there was once a time when I could skateboard like these guys.

Jessica cutely agrees, although I’m sure she’s just feeding my ego.

Okay, let’s just say I was almost as good as them 😉.

Then before leaving Venice Beach, we watched “the old man” who famously gets down and dances with the roller skaters.

Welcome To The Hotel Roosevelt In Hollywood

Once we arrived at the fancy Hotel Roosevelt, we decided to go for an evening swim in the pool.

Even though it was in the middle of December, the swimming pool was still really warm and amazing.

Time to get naked, jump in, and chase the girl.

Story of my life 😂.

The Next Morning

We had a great night’s sleep.

After waking up, we showed you around our hotel room.

Of course, we stayed away from the mini bar since the cost of the alcohol and snacks were insane.

It cost approximately $12 for a pack of peanuts.

That’s why we always recommend you bring your own snacks.

For example, we brought our own raw brazil nuts to snack on.

We also had a cool view from our hotel room window.

We could see up and down Hollywood Boulevard, as well as the beautiful downtown LA skyline.

Then you could see the Hollywood sign from another window.

After checking out of our hotel room, we went to get our pump on at the world famous mecca of bodybuilding, Gold’s Gym Venice.

But before we hit the traffic again, we first needed to get some coffee into us.

First Day Training At Gold’s Gym Venice

It’s time to get ripped, bodybuilding style, with a chest and back drop set workout.

We had hoped to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger and the rest of the crew from the Pumping Iron movie, but it never happened.

Once we arrived at Gold’s Gym Venice, we did a super set of the lying t-bar row with the barbell flat bench press.

We also did some pull ups.

However, if you saw this Pull Bar Gym Fail post, you saw the scary fall that happened.

Pull Up Bar Gym Fail Causes Women To Break Wrist

After the workout, we went to the salad bar at Whole Foods for some post-workout food.

I made up a plate of:

We also iced Jessica’s wrist with a tub of ice cream.


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13 responses to “A Day In My Life In Hollywood

  1. Jess I love your pink gear! Also, I think many women naturally face grumpy
    hunger lol… When the grumpiness comes on my one friend says we need to
    “feed the beast” baahahaha. I love it. Hope your wrist is healing well <3

  2. love her pink out fit. She has lots of personality…..she’s quite and she
    lifts. Nice score. Would be good to see her in some more videos. Hope
    she recovers fast from that fall.

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