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Pull Up Bar Gym Fail Causes Women To Break Wrist

Gym Fail Doing Pull Ups Caught On Video

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we share a “pull up bar gym fail” clip of Jessica breaking her wrist doing pull ups at Gold’s Gym Venice.

Back in 2013, Jessica was rocking a cast for 6 weeks due to a “pull up bar gym fail”.

If you’re confused how Jessica could have broken her wrist doing pull ups in the gym, I unfortunately caught the whole thing on video.

I say unfortunately, because I wish I wasn’t filming her so I could have caught her.

Brace yourself for this one, because this pull up bar gym fail video will make you cringe.

Do Not Try This

We’re sharing this because we hope it can help someone else not make the same mistake.

Remember to be safe and always protect yourself when you’re in the gym.

With that said, here’s how the pull up bar gym fail happened.

Here’s The Story Of Jessica’s Pull Up Bar Gym Fail

At the end of our workout, Jessica wanted to do some pull ups, but I didn’t feel like it.

Therefore, she asked me to film her set, so I agreed.

We go outside to the pull up area where there was, what looked like, a really cool pull up bar, with a double d handle bar already in place.

I should note, we didn’t affix the double d handle bar attachment ourselves, as it was already in place when we got there.

Before starting, I spotted Jessica by helping her jump up to grab the handle bar.

Then I grabbed the camera and started filming.

After 3 pull ups, Jessica struggled to get the last rep out, so she pressed her feet into the wall for leverage.

Then the handle bar just slipped right off the edge of the post, since there was nothing to hold it on.

This caused Jessica to fall and land on her back on the floor.

During impact, she tried to brace the fall with her hands, which caused her to break her right wrist.

Not a just sprain.

The bones in her right wrist were broken.

So that is the story behind Jessica’s pull up bar gym fail.

Bottom Line

Looking back at it, I wish I was spotting her, rather than holding the camera.

That way I could have caught her in time.

It’s my role to protect her, so in a way, I feel like I let her down.

However, here’s the positive side of things.

This could have ended much worse if she fell on top of a dumbbell or bench.

In fact, this crazy pull up bar gym fail also happened to someone else at the same gym.

After Jessica fell to the ground, another girl came running over to see if she was okay.

This girl mentioned that she did the exact same thing and broke her ribs after landing on either a bench or dumbbell.

This injury caused her to be away from the gym for 6 weeks.

Fortunately we’re very grateful that Jessica is okay, and just sustained a broken wrist.

Remember: Be Careful At The Gym

Even if you see something already attached to a machine or bar, double check to make sure it is securely affixed.

If it’s not affixed to it, and not legitimately intended to be used that way, don’t do it.


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43 responses to “Pull Up Bar Gym Fail Causes Women To Break Wrist

  1. WTF is wrong with her wtf is she doing kicking off the wall.. Looked as if
    that thing could slide off if pulled back so like wtf .

    U should have caught her u dumb bastard .. U don’t love her !! Lol idiot u

  2. You fucking idiot Crossfitters should have known better. A close grip
    pulldown using an appropriate weight is far more beneficial and far less
    likely to cause injury than doing an exercise that you only get 2 reps and
    fail then have to push yourself off the wall anyway. How fuckin dumb are
    you people

  3. Sorry but I got a good laugh out of this. Sure she will be better soon. But
    seriously why was she kicking off the wall instead of doing a controlled
    pullup anyway? This wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t do that.

  4. Hey brad, im sorry that happened. I wish her a fast recovery and be alot
    more careful next time. And i hope she still wanna continue making videos
    with you. Lastly, its nobody’s fault, accidents happen anytime even when we
    are really careful and thanks for posting this video as everyone else can
    learn and avoid this mistake. Cheers.

  5. I’m so glad Jess is okay… a co-worker just threw out her back today doing
    squats so yes… Be VERY Careful all of you Supergirls and Wonderwomen at
    heart 😉

  6. omg sooo that’s how she broke her wrist saw the pics on instagram ohhh dang
    that was nasty fall.. but a lil funny as well.. glad she is ok.. but you
    guys did workout not to long after that running up the stairs was it…
    Glad your ok Jess.. your a strong girl..

  7. omg sooo that’s how she broke her wrist saw the pics on instagram ohhh dang
    that was nasty fall.. but a lil funny as well.. glad she is ok.. but you
    guys did workout not to long after that running up the stairs was it…
    Glad your ok Jess.. your a strong girl..

  8. Ppl are such assholes. Don’t blame your self bud, I give her props for
    doing pull ups and most of the time when we are all hyped up we don’t think
    about safety. Hope she heals well.

  9. Oooh god I felt sick when she fell… Thank god she’s ok… And your little face when you were talking about it… Just one of those things… Don’t beat yourself up! Xxx

  10. Awful experience for you two. Yesterday I fell on a step, landing on my
    side. It hurt. I was not focused.
    Be safe. Jeff

  11. To be honest that was a dumb place to be place to be doing pull ups. Right
    from the start u can see the handle not placed right. What did you expect
    to happen haha

  12. Sorry to hear but really Glad all is well! Jess, lookin’ like a warrior!!
    Hope you have a speedy recovery. I had something very similar happen to
    myself. My friend had hooked up an iron gym to the door frame and I was the
    first to bust out reps and I ended up falling off with the iron gym in my
    hands and landing on my tail bone. It was bruised for a couple weeks plus
    my lower back was messed up. It was a scary feeling.

  13. So Sorry She got Hurt 🙁 !!!!!!but Thanks for Showing Us Safety is
    Important too !!!!!!! Happy She is Gonna be Okay an;d now She can Show
    Others ways to Work Out around and Injury 🙂 !!!!!!!!!

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