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My Front Lever Transformation Goal

Day 1 Of My Front Lever Training

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m declaring my front lever transformation goal and sharing the highlights from day 1 of training.

All right Live Leaners, this is going to be an interesting and unique video post.

I’ve decided to take off the hat of “the expert”, and step back into the role of being the beginner student.

To do this, I’m going to show you one of my vulnerabilities when it comes to being fit.

I currently cannot do the front lever exercise.

Regardless if you’re trying to master an advanced calisthenics move, like the front lever, or just trying to lose weight, we’re all in this together.

I’m no different from you.

As I Always Say, You Need To:

  1. Set a goal.
  2. Put it out into the world to keep you accountable.
  3. Take action on it.

If you’ve been following me for a while now, I hope you realize I don’t just talk the talk.

I also live my message by walking the walk.

I’ve set a goal for myself, that I want to learn one of the most badass calisthenics moves out there.

I want to master the front lever.

So I’m showing you day 1 of my front lever transformation journey.

Hopefully you’re going to enjoy this.

My First Front Level Attempt

I’ve never tried the front lever before, so this is me starting from ground zero.

You’re also going to see my first front lever attempt.

Just promise me you won’t laugh at it ๐Ÿ˜‚.

Here’s a really bad photo of my very first ever attempt at the front lever.

My New Front Lever Transformation 30 Day Goal

Click here to watch the video of my first front lever attempt.

Well, I made it about 25% of the way ๐Ÿ˜‚ .

To do it properly, I would have needed to bring my toes up higher, to make my body to be horizontal to the ground, while keeping my body in a straight line.

Of course, it’s clear that I need work.

What Is A Front Lever?

If you don’t know what a front lever is, or you’ve never seen one before, the image of me above is not it.

A front lever is a gymnastic move, which to be clear, I have no prior gymnastics training.

The front lever an isometric hold that requires a lot of back and core strength.

Essentially you’re going to hang, while holding your body horizontally, in a straight line parallel to the ground, facing up.

It should look like this.

To do this, think about turning your body into a stiff and straight board.

Compare this perfectly executed front lever image above to my day 1 best front level attempt below ๐Ÿ˜‚ .

My Second Front Lever Attempt

Let’s give the front lever another try.

Here’s a video clip of my second front level attempt.

Well, that was pretty much the same as the first attempt.

Now I know some of you are still new to fitness, so this is just an example of me starting brand new, while working work towards an end goal.

With any end goal, you have to first get out of your comfort zone.

If you have a supportive inner circle of people around you, declare your goal to them, so they can help keep you accountable.

This is why I’m sharing my front lever goal with you.

I want you to keep me accountable during my front lever transformation.

This Is Frustrating

After making numerous attempts during my first day of front lever training, I was starting to get frustrated.

But, I’m not going to give up.

Even when it gets tough, it’s important to keep going, as improvements will happen.

During day 1, I eventually started to make progress with my front levers.

I was definitely seeing big-time improvement over my first two attempts.

This is why it is so important to keep working at it, even when you’re frustrated and seeing little to no progress.

Focus On Just One Front Lever Attempt At A Time

If your goal is to lose weight, think about weight loss as one pound at a time.

In the case of my front lever transformation, I’m taking it one front lever attempt at a time.

My Best Day 1 Front Lever Attempt

I eventually moved to another squat rack that had a thicker pull up bar.

Even though this makes it more difficult, as you can see, I actually had my best front lever attempt of the day.

My New Front Lever Transformation 30 Day Goal

As you can see, I still need to bring the lower portion of my body even higher to create a perfect horizontal board.

I still have a lot of work to do, but not bad for day 1.

Note: since day 1, I’ve learned to switch hand grips, so my palms are now facing down.

I’ve improved the angle of my body since doing this.

Even though the goal of the front lever is to hold the position as an isometric move, since I’m just beginning, I’m starting with front lever raises.

After day 1, I think I’m about 60% of the way to complete a front lever raise.

I just have to stay consistent and keep working hard at it.

Check out My 1 Month Front Lever Progression update post to see if I did it.

It’s Now Your Turn

I hope this front lever goal video inspires you to set a goal, put it out there, and take action on it.

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So do me a favor and take action on this right now.

Set a goal and put it out there by sharing it in the comment section below.

If you can do a front lever, in the comment section below, share your best tips.

Also, let me know what your goals are for your fitness journey.

Thanks for checking out this video post and see you at the next one.

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Question For You:

  • Can you do a front lever?
  • If so, do you have any tips for me?
  • What are your fitness goals?

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below.

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42 responses to “My Front Lever Transformation Goal

  1. @steves ya people have been asking for me to bring those back…i think i will! send me any suggestions

  2. QUESTION!!!!!! —> When can you post a video on the CHEST?…Been doing chest workouts and not getting to where i want to be. I dont understand and maybe you can give us all a break down video of it including any eating plan or cycle to go with it.

  3. Wow thanks Brad! That means a lot. I’ll be looking out for you progression. Please keep doing what your doing man, extremely inspiring man, I think your a fantastic health & fitness leader. I’ll continue supporting your movement. I’m going to inbox you to get your shipping address. I’d love to send you a couple fitness tees as a gift. – Keep doing your thing Brad!

  4. Have been doing Levers with Tony Horton via P90X2 for years now. While quite proficient, I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered them. They’re tough!

  5. My goal is to master the jump rope of all things. I recently watched your video on a great jump rope routine and thought, “Wow, what an easy and fun cardio routine!” I couldn’t have been more wrong. Apparently, I have all the coordination of a drunk person! Other than more practice, got any tips for me so that I don’t strangle myself with the rope?

  6. Nice job Brad! I’ve been subscribed to your channel for sometime. (Love the movement) When I saw you taking a stab at the level I was like “Oooh nice!” I love to see my other Youtubers working in some of the advance bodyweight moves. Keep at it bro, you’ll most def get there. I will say, if you start w/ben legs first, then progress to one leg at a time, your shorten your progression time. Good luck!

  7. Also, I practiced slowly lowering from inverted position on the bar whenever I took my kids to the park. Good luck!

  8. After hitting my goal of 25 strict form pull ups I went after this trick. I got a decent front lever in two months and haven’t touched a single weight in years. I did leg raises and flutter kicks every day and tried to do a few dragonflags a couple times a day too. I’m also nailed the human flag with the same training.

  9. Hey buddy!

    As a calisthenics practitioner, I’m gonna make some recommendations if you don’t mind:

    – Practice your ENTIRE core, not just abs! So work that lower back too, but primarily focus on the LOWER ABS.

    – Some good exercises are Leg raises (on bar), Dragon Flags, Knee raises…

    – Practice the front lever with your legs bent, and then progress. First extend only one leg, and move on until you can extend both!

    Those are just some basic tips. Hope they helped!

  10. Hi Brad,

    Have you ever heard of the 1 rep Gym? The idea is to do a static push or pull for a given amount of time. I have tried this in the past and was thinking about adding it again to mix things up.

    Here is a sample link:

    look forward to your thoughts


  11. you are still growing, so there is no real “right” way for you. Just be active in sports and in a few years after some growth spurts you can really put on the muscle.

  12. @Javed6234 you’ll eventually plateau with that weight but I wouldn’t worry about it too much at your age. keep it up.

  13. @Magnusholm-hagen yep, since filming this video, I’m now using the pull up grip. thanks for the tips

  14. Hey! Which grip is better? Pull-up grip or chin-up grip? Iร‚ยดm training using pull-up grip but you are using chin-up! >.< Hahahaha

  15. Normally your hands are suppose to be the other way (like you are doing a pull-up)..One thing which worked for me was to bend your arms and use momentum to get up there, than straighten out your arms and lower yourself slowly down. As you progress you dont have to bend your hands as much and you wont need so much momentum. Looking forward to seeing your lever in a mounth! ๐Ÿ™‚ Greetings from Norway

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