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I know what you’re thinking. How can the words “cardio” and “fun” be used in the same sentence?

Well…I proved it’s possible a few weeks ago in the first video instalment of How To Make Cardio Fun Part 1.

Now I’m back with part deux.

But first…

Are you a chronic aerobic cardio machine-a-holic?

If so…

Lets be crazy and wild together.

Next time you’re in the gym…

…walk right past “your” elliptical machine.

You know the one…

…the third one in from the right.

It has a slight tear in the handle…

…in other words the exact same one you’ve been using on every 2nd day for the past 39 days.

Remember the saying…

“Variety is the spice of life”

Well it also applies to working out.

I mentioned in the last episode of Live Lean TV, Avoid These 2 Common Mistakes When Doing Cardio To Lose Weightthat your body can adapt to the same stimulus after a short period of time.

When your body adapts. Fat loss and muscle gain stops.


So it’s time to change.

And Part 2 of How To Make Cardio Fun is just what you need to freshen up your workout.

Before I go, I just want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to all the females that I see at the gym doing these style of plyometric workouts. I posted a picture on instagram of one of my female training partners squatting with an Olympic Bar.


I captioned the picture with…

“All my female training partners, including @JenHobin … MUST squat with the Olympic bar #GirlsThatSquatRock

This also fits for plyometrics. All my female training partners ALWAYS DO plyometrics in combination with HIIT sprints. Nothing more bad ass (and hot)!

Enjoy the above video and cardio workout.Everything you need to know about foam roller exercises, stretching and more below

In the comment section below, let me know what your favorite plyometric style cardio exercise is. 

I love making these videos for you guys and spreading my transformation 10,000 mission.

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Questions For You:

– What is your favorite plyometric style exercise?

– How often do you incorporate plyos in your workouts?


Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below and share this post with your friends via the social media icons on the side or below.




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0 responses to “Look Awesome – How To Make Cardio Fun Part 2 #LLTV

  1. Do you do these exercises in a tabata style workout? That would be one hell of a 4 minutes session right there!

  2. 2-3. depends on my phase. sometimes I’ll do 1 day of weights followed by 1 day of cardio… or 3 days of weights followed by 1 day a cardio

  3. Hello, my name is tamara. I am answering this question for you because I have the same problem. I have sciatica, and I keep the symptoms under control by one exercising, two not lifting anything too heavy, and three if you are a female, not wearing too high of a heal. O f course when I was first diagnosed, I had to rest(I am a mail carrier) and seek REHABILITATION THERAPY(very important). Like Brad said, try to see a professional first, and they can help you.

  4. great job Brad! you are very inspiring. I’m working on your jump rope tabata. As a brand new jump roper and new to fitness, it’s hard, but I do like it. Thanks for all the encouragement here.

  5. Thanks. It wouldn’t be safe for me to recommend exercises via the internet since I can’t see how you move based on that injury. Recommend you seek a specialist in person for a session.

  6. I have been watching your videos for the past three days. I must say they have really motivated me and provided understanding of food intake. I do have a question: I have a bulging disc which cause severe siatica pain. Do you have any suggestions for low impact and burn.

  7. This is a GREAT video, Brad. You are SO springy! LOL… Can’t wait for your DVD! Good luck with all of your projects. You ROCK!!

  8. Hi everybody just new to the channel which I think is so good. Got a question is It ok to do jump row training hiit type for 8 to 12 mn on my wheight day on go on 20 to 30 mn hiit jump rope on my off day? Or should I start a type of hiit wheight lifting training circuit everyday? Thank u 4 your answers And sharing good vidéos

  9. Hey Brad !
    I want to know Is jump rope bad for Girls? I’ve been doing this but someone told me I shouldn’t do it. It’s a good exercise for the whole body. Please let me know is it good.??

  10. Brad, 2 questions… 1. Is eating too many eggs bad for you because of the high cholesterol?
    2. Is milk not a good source of protein, even though it says 14% DV per 8 oz..? thanks 🙂

  11. Do you ever have a problem with the headphones staying on your head? I am trying to find a nice pair for the gym. Yours look like they are Beats.

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