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The 3 Worst Workouts for Women to Get Lean


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Frustrated by the last 10 pounds?

These tips are for you if you are:

  • A Woman who works out regularly in the gym
  • Frustrated by the last 10 to 50 lbs
  • Unsure of which workout style to follow

If you have more than 50 lbs of fat to lose, I recommend following the tips in this other video by Coach Jeremy: Best Cardio for Massive Weight Loss

Check out these mistakes to see if you’re making any of them.

Worst Workouts for Women who want to get Lean:

#1 : Slow Boring Cardio Torture

If you have been riding the elliptical like a zombie while reading a magazine and watching tv, then it’s no surprise that your results might be less than you’d hoped.

The comfort of a machine cardio workout, and they can actually be very effective.

If you’re going to train this way I suggest you put away the magazines and tv, listen to some music and focus on really working out. Break a sweat, get focused and get off the machine after 20-30 minutes.

There’s no need for your workout to take longer than 30 minutes if you are truly focused and working hard. A shorter and more intense cardio session will also be better for fat loss.

#2: Heavy Lifting, Bodybuilder Style

You’ve been told that lifting heavy weights is necessary for getting lean…But that’s not the whole truth.

The truth is, women should be lifting “moderately heavy weights” in a circuit style format, rather than lifting super heavy weights in a bodybuilder style workout.

Instead of lifting as heavy as possible for just a few reps, choose a moderate weight, do up to 15 reps, and take shorter rest periods.

Even better is if you pair exercises together to keep your body moving and keep your heart rate up during your workout (like the workouts in my Live Lean Formula for Women)

#3: Using super-light “Barbie Weights”, Not Even Flexing

Sometimes women stick to very light weights (2 – 5 lbs) because they are afraid of getting bulky.

Unfortunately, when the weights are too light your muscles barely even flex during your workout.

This equates to: a waste of your time.

To get more results from your workouts in less time, increase the weight to a moderate amount, and increase the challenge of your exercises.. perhaps using combination moves rather than isolation moves, and you’ll get better results in a fraction of the time.

Workouts are meant to be challenging.

If you aren’t feeling a challenge from your training it could be the reason why you’re not satisfied with the results.

Looking for the right training plan to get you lean?

Look no further: Live Lean Formula for Women

This program is specifically designed to get women as lean and sexy as possible. No bulk and no waste of your time.

Love ya!

xox  -Jess


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